Drama wuz nowhar ta be foun at Foxchase Golf Club un Mundie.Neether wuz Conner Strine er Ammala Moua.Bof run off an' hid frum thar respectif' fielts un thar way ta a'winnin individual titles at t'Lancast'r-Lebanon Leegue golf champyunships.

And Manheim Township wuz barly n' siite. As specktid, t'Streeks dominatid t'eam play, lt by Strine’s spectacular roun, ta win thar 10th strate L-L team champyunship.No drama. No miracles. But thar wuz a few surprises.Start wiff Strine, who postid maybe onlee a miner sprize at at. T' sofomere, who lt t'L-L Leegue n' sceryun' avridge wiff 75.2 strokes p'r roun, firt a 4-und'r par 67 ta lead t'Streeks ta a 308 team total an' un 11-shot team victery ov'r runn'r-up Cocalico, which wuz lt by Moua’s 2-ov'r 74.Sprizin, perhaps, onlee n' t'depth ta which Conner took his'n game beloe par und'r t'preshure o'a leegue champyunship.“It feels greet,” Strine sed o'his'n 67, a competitif' bes but one off his'n personal bes roun. “It gives me a big confidance boost'r goin into districts.’’Strine hedded a lis o'18 Class 3A players frum t'leegue who qualifit fer t'Districk Three Champyunships Oct. 1 at Briarwuod Kuntry Club. T' leegue also advanct eiite boys n' 2A players.T' Streeks go n' us t'leegue’s 3A represantatif' n' t'districk team competishun. Lancast'r Mennonite earnt un invitashun us t'2A entry.Te gurls also qualifit fer t'districk individual champyunships.“I enjoy it (t' big stage) an' I knew thar wuz a slew o'good players out here an' I knew I had ta play well,” Strine sed. “Plus, t'corse sets up real nice fer me. Fairways air ope an' I have a tendency ta nairy hit fairways, but today I hit a slew o'irons off t'ees an' felt n' kuntrol.”Strine’s closest pursu'r wuz Lancast'r Cathlick’s Liam Badg'r, who entert t'ournament wiff un 80.2 avridge. Badg'r cardt a 1-ov'r 72 ta earn his'n ticket ta districts. Nerthern Lebanon’s Luke Spangl'r wuz thurd wiff a 75.Wiff players scattert all ov'r t'corse, it’s difficult fer inny play'r ta knoe whar thay stan'. Badg'r felt he jes mite have put a numb'r up good enough ta win.The he saw Strine’s 67 go up un t'board.“I’m nairy disappointid at all,” Badg'r sed. “At’s greet fer 'im. I playd my bes an' at t'end o't' day at’s all y'all a'ken do.”Moua, wiff a sizabull entourage o'fambly members a'followin hern, playd solid golf — “borin” wuz t'junier’s characterizashun — an' successfullee defendt hern 2018 title by 10 shots ov'r Madisen Bailey o'Lancast'r Mennonite an' 11 ov'r Katie Kapinsky o'Lampet'r-Strasburg.Moua wuz faverd ta win individual honers, but she wuz also bein countid un ta git t'Eagles within reech o'MT n' t'eam chase.

“Ta be honest, I wuz shakyun' I wuz so nervyus,” Moua sed about hern mindset goin n'. “Thar wuz so much preshure. But my mom an' dad, thay kep a'sayn't ‘jes play yer game,’ so I tride ta keep at n' mind.”Trey Rios’ 77, despite a fer-putt an' fer three-putts, hepped keep t'Eagles n' a strong sekunt place posishun. Thar 319 wuz 14 shots bett'r thun Octerara, which won a tite battle fer thurd ov'r L-S (335) an' LM (336).Graham Calhoun an' Hamilton McNaughton bof cardt 78s ta hep t'Streeks keep thar distunts.Had Strine shot his'n avridge, thar mite have bee a lil drama n' t'eam competishun. But n' t'end, t'Streeks prevailt.“No, no way. Nev'r borin,” Brenn'r sed. “Thishere is t'mos stressfil day o't' year fer me. Conner’s 67 shure helps, but Graham an' Hamilton finisht rilly strong an' we net at frum 'um.”Strine playd his'n furst nine n' 3-und'r 32, which includt un eagle at t'par-5 sevanth hoe ta git ta 2-und'r. He birdit t'par-5 ninth ta gane a acoupla-shot lead un Logun Wagn'r o'Solanco an' seve ov'r Hempfield’s Sawy'r Marte, acoupla players who wuz specktid ta present close competishun fer Strine.Marte shot 78 ta finish tit fer sixth an' Wagn'r strugglt un t'back nine ta shoot 79.Strine gut it ta 4-und'r wen he drove t'gree at t'333-yard par-4 15th an' acoupla-puttid frum 50 feet above t'hoe. He gave a shot back at No. 17, the rimmt t'cup wiff his'n sekunt un No. 18 an' birdit it frum 2 feet away ta git back ta 4-und'r.“He wuz jes awesome,” Wagn'r sed o'his'n playyun' partn'r. “He jes kep dialeeun' it up. As t'roun gut long'r, he jes gut bett'r.”

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