Mer thun acoupla duzen Hutterite famblies have bee displact aft'r resent floodyun'.

T' Wolf Creek Hutterite Colony is usall thar skool us a shelt'r fer thems who lost thar homes.
As fer t'Tschett'r Hutterite Colony, thar skool is severelee damagt an' unabull ta be ust.
Durin t'difficult seesen, t'Freemun Skool Districk is hostyun' t'studants who have bee displact.
Each monin' a bus pix t'studants up at thar colony an' brings 'um ta Bethany Mennonite Church n' Freemun fer classes.
T' studants also spend sum time at t'Freemun Public Skool fer lunch, recess, an' comput'r sshunce.
“Thishere is one o'thems thangs at is a signifikunt life change fer 'um, ta have ta flip everthang an' turn everthang inside out, ta have ta ventchur into sumthin at thay’re nairy ust ta, at a'ken be quite a shock fer 'um,” Freemun Public Skool Superintendent, Kevin Kunz, sed.
Eve tho t'studants air n' a new environment, thar teechers remane t'same.
“I reckon at a'havin at consistency wiff a'havin t'same teechers goes a long way n' heppin make thishere process wurk,” Kunz sed.
Freemun will a'cantinyah ta accommodate these studants until thar colonies have recovert.

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