Santinel photo by JEFF FISHBEIN Belleville Mennonite’s David Yod'r, back, fites ta take t'ball away frum Nerthumberlan' Christchun’s Aaron Knauss Tuesdee.BELLEVILLE — T' furst 25 minnuts o't' boys socc'r game tween Belleville Mennonite an' Nerthumberlan' Christchun wuz a nightmare fer t'Thund'r.T' Warryers scert six goals n' at spun, includin three n' und'r acoupla minnuts an' rollt ta a 7-1 Allegheny Christchun Athletic Associashun victery un Tuesdee.
Wiff t'win Nerthumberlan' Christchun (11-3-2, 7-0-1) owns a vice grip lead n' t'Eastern Division o't' ACAA ov'r sekunt place BMS (7-4-1, 6-3-1).
Henry McElroy had a hat trick an' un assist, Jack Garvin collectid acoupla goals an' Aaron Knauss had acoupla assists fer t'Warryers.
Nerthumberlan' Christchun ownt a 1-0 lead un McElroy’s furst goal at 28:03 befor blowyun' thangs ope wiff three goals n' 1:46. Donnie Rag'r had un unassistid goal at 21:41, wile Garvin put one n' t'back o't' net 35 sekunds lat'r off a fet frum McElroy. McElroy made it 4-0 at 19:55 wiff his'n sekunt scere o't' contest.
“I tole 'um at halftime air communicashun wuz verr minimal. Air back three an' air acoupla defensif' midfielters wuz nairy communicatyun',” Thund'r coach Briun Renno sed. “We wuz nairy rotatyun' air marks an' t'outside bax were’t a'talkin ta air wings. We wuz confust losin marks. Air communicashun wuz null an' void. It’s a carryov'r frum Saturdee’s game.”
T' sceryun' barrage kuntinued fer Nerthumberlan' Christchun wiff McElroy gittin his'n thurd goal at 15:36 an' David Kyun' addt a goal wiff acoupla sekunds lef n' t'furst half.
Belleville Mennonite avoidt t'shutout wen Drew Miriello disht ta Jart Flood, who liftid it ov'r t'hed o'keep'r Luke Snyd'r fer t'goal at 6:18 o't' furst.
T' Thund'r communicatid an' markt much bett'r n' t'sekunt half, holdin t'Warryers ta six shots, aft'r gittin 13 n' t'furst half.
“N' t'sekunt half, we did much bett'r. We wuz markyun' bett'r an' air communicashun wuz bett'r, but it wuz too lil too late. At 10-minnut stretch rilly hurt,” Renno sed. “I wuz pleezed wiff t'sekunt half effurt. I challengt 'um at halftime an' I reckon thay gut t'message. We guttid through t'sekunt half an' did a much bett'r job.”
Nerthumberlan' Christchun set t'final scere wiff a Garvin goal off t'assist frum Knauss wiff jes one sekunt remunyun' un t'clock.
T' Warryers out-shot t'Thund'r 19-8 an' won t'cerners 9-2. Rhiley Parks had 11 saves fer Belleville Mennonite an' Snyd'r stopt acoupla fer Nerry Christchun.
“Rhiley had a nice sekunt half. He strugglt wiff sum balls n' t'furst half he should have had, but he kum up big n' t'sekunt half,” Renno sed.
Nairy heppin t'Thund'r cawz wuz t'absance o'Gavin Parks an' Caleb Renno due ta injury.
“Wiff air injuries we have a cuple o'guys out o'posishun. I feel at’s a lil bit o'air problem rite nawh. Anthony Thompsen is typicallee air top strik'r an' I droppt 'im back into defensif' mid. He’s nairy comfertabull n' at posishun an' at takes a slew away frum air uhtack,” Briun Renno sed. “He’s a big strong youngn, but he’s mer offensif' mindt. Hopefullee, we git Gavin Parks back thishere week. He’s a slew mer comfertabull n' at posishun thun Anthony. We also hope ta git Caleb Renno back by t'end o'nex week. He’s anoth'r big target fer us. Rite nawh, wiff air injuries, we air struggleeun'.”
Belleville Mennonite travels ta Juniata Mennonite un Thirsdee.
Nerthumberlan' Christchun 7, Belleville Mennonite 1
Furst half
NC–Henry McElroy (Aaron Knauss), 28:03; Donnie Rag'r, 21:41: Jack Garvin (McElroy), 21:66; McElroy, 19:55; McElroy, 15:36; BMS–Jart Flood (Drew Miriello), 6:18; NC–David Kyun', :02.
Sekunt half
NC–Garvin (Knauss), :01.
Shots: NC 19-8. Cerners: NC 9-2. Saves: NC-2 (Luke Snyd'r), BMS-11 (Rhiley Parks).

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