Wen: Supervisers meetin, Oct. 1.Whut happent: T' board appervt waivers, a'lettin un organic chicke processyun' bizness ta move ferward wiff its development plans at 501 Alaxan'r Drif', Efrata.Background: T' township Zonyun' Herin Board appervt t'propertee’s use us a chicke processyun' plant n' 2017.

Scope o'projeck: Organic Poultry Partners, which is relaunchyun' Bob Eberlee’s organic poultry bran', would fill un existyun' 55,000-skware-foot bildin fermerlee ust by Amurkin Dryyun' an' Finishin. T' projeck includes a propost 11,200-skware-foot addishun ta t'existyun' bildin an' t'inclusion o'113 parkyun' spaces fer employees an' staff. A small retail stere is possibull un t'8-acre site, projeck develop'r Scott Cov'r sed.Impacts addresst: Supervisers rekwirt a lan'scape buff'r an' fencyun' us a condishun, speshly becawz t'plant is about 1,000 feet frum Efrata Mennonite Skool an' its athletic fielts.Uther bizness: Ran'y Groome, road superintendent, suggestid t'board cunsidder un ordinance ta prohibit parkyun' un cul-dee-sacs durin snowstarms. T' ordinance would reduce hedakes fer t'road crew an' would be a facter n' prevantyun' accidants, officials sed. Efrata Township Manjer Steve Sawy'r sed t'board will git input frum residants a'livin un t'affectid streets befor decidyun' un t'ordinance.Fond farewell: Supervisers sed goodbye ta retiryun' Efrata pleece Chief Willyum Harvey, who hus servt fer 10 yeers us top cop fer t'department at patrols Efrata Township.— Marylouise Shollee, Efrata Revu Cerrespondent

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