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HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – T' Pennsillvany Department o'Heelth is wurkin ta raise awareness about newbern screenyun'.

N' Pennsillvany, it’s man'atery youngns git screent fer te condityuns, but heelth officials air encouragyun' parnts ta always ast about 27 utherns.

“We recommend at newberns git screent fer all 37 condityuns,” sed Dr. Rachel Levine, Pennsillvany’s Heelth Secretree.

Sum hospitals automaticallee scree fer all 37, but utherns don’t. Heelth officials say all parnts should be askin about thishere.

T' goal is earlee detecshun, so youngns a'ken git life-savin treetmants.

“Thar air a numb'r o'condityuns at a'ken lead ta deeth if'n thay are’t treeted,” sed Dr. Patricia Gerdon, a clinical geneticist who is t'chief o't' Division o'Humun Genetics at Penn State Heelth.

Dr. Gerdon sees t'differance it makes.

“Famblies n' air clinic whar thar wuz a youngn who wuz affectid befor diagnosis wuz implemantid wiff newbern screenyun', an' the anoth'r youngn wuz affectid but wuz detectid wiff newbern screenyun', an' t'outcome is so strikinglee differnt,” sed Dr. Gerdon.

Trayler Bill 730 proposes at t'state makes it man'atery ta test fer all 37 condityuns, but at legislayshun is still und'r considerashun.

A diseese resantlee addt ta t'lis is spinal muscular atrofy which Dr. Gerdon sez is common n' t'Midstate.

“Y'all have ta have acoupla genes at air affectid n' each cell ta have at condishun an' becawz we have communitees such us t'Amish an' t'Mennonite communitees an' uther relativelee clost communitees n' t'region, we have a har incidants n' air region,” sed Dr. Gerdon.

T' tests a'ken be done at t'hospital er a pediatriciun’s offus.

Thar should be no out o'pocket costs.

“Thishere rilly includt by medicaid, by chip an' by commercial insurance cumpnys,” sed Dr. Levine.

T' Newbern Screenyun' Advisery Board puts togeth'r t'lis o'diseeses.

Metabolic, sterage diserders have bee resantlee addt ta t'lis too.

T' Department o'Heelth sez all youngns must also be testid fer heert diseese an' herin problems.

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