GOSHEN — Lus week wuz big fer T' Globe, Goshe College’s radeeo stayshun, us well us t'newspap'r T' Recerd an' Globe TV.Frydee wuz College Radeeo Day, promptyun' 24 hours o'lif' un-air announcyun' at t'radeeo stayshun at hus a frekwency o'91.1 FM. T' 61st birthdee o't' stayshun wuz Winsdee.T' biggest noose tho wuz t'announcement o'a new Goshe College Cant'r fer Media Arts an' Journalism un Thirsdee. T' librul arts Mennonite college outlint hoe t'massivelee successfil communicatyuns department is a'kummin togeth'r n' new ways by August 2020. A $1.18 million bildin projeck will convert Newcom'r Cant'r un t'south side o'campus into joint space fer studants ta edit, write, layout an' broadcus.

T' radeeo stayshun is n' t'newlee renovatid Union Bildin, t'furst majer bildin renovashun since Presdint Rebecca Stoltzfus startid n' late 2017. A'findin a trayler fer t'communicatyuns program wuz also a pryeritee fer hern.Thishere sekunt majer projeck will brang togeth'r studants who air wurkin at media convergance. Aside frum t'journalism a'kummin out o't' new cant'r, t'college’s chaptur o'Public Relayshuns Student Socidey o'Amurka will manage evants an' soshul media.Tyyun' togeth'r t'journalism an' communicatyuns wurk o'GC studants so at radeeo, video, ritin an' photografy air publisht er broadcus n' multiple channels hus bee underway fer t'pus sevrul yeers, but t'Recerd staff wurked n' one space un t'nerth side o'campus, t'radeeo stayshun is at t'op o'a narroe set o'stairs n' t'Union an' t'video producshun is nawh n' t'basement o't' Good Librree.Meenwhile, professers’ offices air n' Newcom'r. (N' full disclosure, I wurked fer T' Globe wen I wuz n' high skool an' am un adjunct journalism professer n' GC’s communicatyuns department, teachin about a class a year.)Ov'r t'pus decade, GC hus becum a bit o'a juggernaut wen it kums ta radeeo, telavishun an' newspap'r awards. It’s nairy like thems resultid n' t'new bildin t'way a new stadium sumtimes results frum a team’s success, but t'greet new facilitee certunlee won’t hurt studants’ efferts ta tell steries an' makes GC eve mer attractif' ta potenshul studants.T' Globe hus won three nashshunal titles us t'bes college radeeo stayshun n' t'kuntry. Aside frum t'wins n' 2011, 2013 an' 2017, it hus bee a nashshunal finalist nine yeers n' a roe frum t'Intercollegiate Broadcastyun' System an' hus neerly won mer times. N' addishun it’s won six Indiannie titles fer bein t'bes college stayshun an' studants have won hundreds o'individual awards.“Thay keer un unusual amount about t'radeeo stayshun an' thar wurk,” sed stayshun manjer an' professer Jasen Samuel. “Thay a'ken wurk well togeth'r, but thay a'ken also do thar own wurk at a high level.”T' Recerd, advist by professer an' department chairmun Duane Stoltzfus, hus bee namt t'bes college newspap'r n' Indiannie acoupla o't' lus three yeers. Globe TV won state titles fife times startin n' 2004.Whut is cantral ta all t'classes, all t'wurk an' t'awards is sterytelleeun'.

“We’re tranen studants ta be sterytellers,” sed Samuel, “an' use whutever medium is at thar disposal.”A year aft'r Samuel became professer an' stayshun manjer n' 2003, T' Globe shiftid frum a classickull-musick fermat ta one at he dubs “culturallee progressif'.” At a'ken meun folk, rock an' Amerikuna-style musick. At change wuz a big one an' hus propellt t'stayshun an' college into t'communitee n' key ways.T' Globe hus hepped secure excellent perfermers at t'college’s Musick Cant'r an' downtown’s Ignishun Garage an' Goshe Theet'r n' resent yeers.Studants feel ownership o't' stayshun an' t'wurk thay do, sed Samuel. I’ve see t'same o'studants n' my classes an' n' wurk fer T' Recerd an' video producshun fer FiveCere Media an' Globe TV. Stoltzfus sed n' t'noose releese announcyun' t'cant'r at “we hope joy an' a'larnin will meet up un t'way toward educatyunal excellance.”At its bes, at’s whut inny skoolin duz an' har skoolin should excel at at us its studants do t'same.

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