A new skool bus at automaticallee warns studants a'walkin n' t'path o'oncomyun' vehicles hus bee unveilt at t'Mennonite Educatyunal Institute – t'furst o'its kine n' B.C.
“I’m thankfil fer a team o'leeders at air absolutelee committid ta protectyun' air youngns us thay make thar way ta an' frum skool,” sed Vijay Manuel, MEI hed o'skools.
T' new technology hus bee dubbt t'“Predictif' Stop Arm” an' wuz developt by Seon Designs.
T' bus will alert studants o'drivers faileeun' ta stop fer its flashyun' rt lights indicatyun' un adjasent crosswalk is n' use.
If'n t'bus senses a vehicle passyun' it will notify studants by soundin a loud “Stop! Do nairy cross” warnin ov'r its speekers.
Manuel sed t'new technology wuz wurth t'investment an' it hus alreddy potantiallee kep MEI studants safe frum harm.
“Un its verr furst day o'operayshun PSA protectid youngns n' acoupla separate incidants.”
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