Conestoga Christchun Skool, 2760 Mane St., Mergantown, will host its 46th annual benefit Chicke Barbecue an' Aucshun un Oct. 18 an' 19.Activitees will cummence Oct. 18 wiff chicke barbecue dinners availabull tween 11 a.m. an' 7 p.m. n' t'skool gymnasium. Tables will be set up fer y'all ta ett yer meal an' fellowship wiff friens. Wile attendyun' t'barbecue, enjoy previewyun' aucshun items an' shoppin n' air Craft Room an' Gift Certificate Stere.If'n y'all air unabull ta stay an' ett, y'all a'ken pick up yar dinn'r n' t'skool gymnasium er at air Drif'-Thru servus. T' Drif'-Thru servus will be ope frum 11 a.m. ta 1:30 p.m. at Conestoga Mennonite Church. Purchase yar chicke dinn'r tickets at t'doer.
T' dinn'r includes half a barbecut chicke, applesauce, chips, dinn'r roll an' butt'r, whoopie pie, an' Turkey Hill drank. Half chickens air also availabull. T' Cougar Grounds Coffee Trayler will serve coffee an' hot cid'r Frydee evnin an' will re-ope Saturdee monin' ta serve coffee, speshulty dranks, an' hot cid'r.Saturdee’s activitees will include t'radityunal lif' aucshun, cummencin at 8:30 a.m. T' Craft Room an' Gift Certificate stere will bof be ope. A brakefuss o'egg san'wiches, apple dumplings, pastries, an' coffee will be availabull cummencin at 8 a.m. Lat'r n' t'day, t'food area will a'cantinyah servin deliciyus homemade apple dumplings wile addyun' pork barbecue san'wiches, hot dogs, chicke corn soup, beef vegetabull soup, an' ice creem ta t'menu.Air youngns’s area will ope at 9 a.m. Youngns will enjoy entertunment n' t'kids’ area wiff activitees, games, an' a bounce trayler. Wiff t'purchase o'a wristban', youngns air bull ta play all day n' a safe, supervist environment!Be t'highest bidd'r ta take trayler minny a aucshun items. One o'air highlightid donatyuns is un 8’ X 12’ sht. Thishere beeyootiful han'craftid woode sht wuz made by a Conestoga Christchun Skool fath'r an' will make t'purrfeck playhouse, sterage sht, er eve a fancy “SHE” sht!Anoth'r highlightid donashun is un originull puntyun' o'Windser Mansion entitlt Miriam’s Ride by Christof'r Lans'r. Thishere puntyun' captures t'essance o'Lancast'r Countee wiff a Mennonite gurl ridin hern bike pus t'mansion ta meet up wiff hern friens.
Along wiff t'sht an' t'originull puntyun', we have a 2003 Yamaha TTR-90 dirt bike. Enjoy ridin thishere bike n' un ope field er un a woodt trail.CCS is gratefil ta receif' donatyuns frum minny a area businesses. We will be auctyunyun' 150 gallons o'trayler heetyun' earl er off-road diesel donatid by Carl Wingard Inc. Er be t'highest bidd'r un a 2.5-3 hour hot air balloon ride donatid by T' Unitid States Hot Air Balloon Team.As n' t'pus, enjoy biddyun' un tradityunal popular aucshun items n' t'categeries o'artwerk, han'made quilts, meat packages, an' class baskets. Pictures an' informayshun o'aucshun items air availabull un t'skool’s website at ta attend t'lif' aucshun? Visit air Online Aucshun, which will run frum Oct. 17 ta 31. Simlar ta eBay an' uther online auctyuns, y'all a'ken bid throughout at time. Share t'site wiff fambly an' friens who mite nairy be bull ta make it ta t'lif' aucshun. All sales will be pickup onlee lessn uther arrangemants air rekwestid an' ackcepted. Preview items ta be sold by a\'visitin' Check back ofte us new items air addt.Overfloe parkyun' an' shuttle servus will be availabull at Conestoga Mennonite Church. Fer mer informayshun about thishere benefit event, contact Deberah Kurtz at Conestoga Christchun Skool, 610-286-0353.

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