T' Carlisle Skool boys socc'r team remunt undefeetid agin n'-state opponants thishere seesen thanks n' large part ta a commitment ta ball kuntrol un Tuesdee.T' Chiefs dictatid t'floe o't' game agin Eastern Mennonite an' emergt wiff a 3-1 victery at t'Smith Riv'r Sperts Cumplex.“Ever game, we want ta kuntrol t'ball, we want ta be t'eam wiff t'mos possession at t'end o't' game,” Chiefs hed coach Grant Boaz sed.

Wiff t'win, Carlisle improovd ta 6-1-2 thishere year, its onlee loss a'kummin n' t'seesen-open'r agin a Nerth Carolinie skool. T' win agin t'Flames (6-7-2) also gives t'Chiefs anoth'r win n' VISAA Division II thishere year.“Thishere wuz un impertant game fer us ta construct t'idantitee o'air team,” junier Mateus Pereira sed. “It’s a big game at goes toward air goal o't' state champyunship.”Carlisle capitalizt earlee wiff Pereira’s goal n' t'18th minnut frum t'lef side. T' Chiefs kum close ta doubleeun' thar lead n' t'37th minnut, but Viter Otsuka’s shot clankt off o't' rite post.Still, Pereira’s goal gave Carlisle a 1-0 lead at halftime.“At (furst goal) rilly helps ta git mer confidance durin t'furst half,” Pereira sed.Carlisle’s Will Johnston addt ta t'lead n' t'61st minnut aft'r sceryun' un a rebound a'followin a a'loose kick frum Otsuka. T' inishul attempt wuz blockt by Flames goalkeep'r Jacob Yod'r, but he could nairy cerral it. Johnston took advantage fer a 2-0 edge.
Eastern Mennonite’s Aaron Moy'r finallee gut his'n team un t'board n' t'67th minnut wiff a a'loose kick goal a'followin a Carlisle yealler card. Moy'r rocketid t'ball pus Carlisle goalkeep'r Gabriel Terres into t'op rite cern'r.Acoupla minnuts lat'r, Terres preservt at 2-1 cushion by savin anoth'r attempt un a a'loose kick a'followin a sekunt yealler card.Otsuka, who had bee heevilee shadowt by t'Flames’ defents t'entire evnin, broke through fer a goal wiff jes ov'r acoupla minnuts ta play, accountyun' fer t'final margin.
“A'havin a play'r like Viter is unbelievabull—someone at anytime he’s un t'ball, y'all knoe he a'ken creete un oppertuntee frum nuthin,” Boaz sed. “It doesn’t matt'r if'n he’s 40 yards away frum t'goal er if'n he’s 10, y'all knoe sumthin good is goin ta happe wiff t'ball.”Inside o'acoupla minnuts ta play, Carlisle wuz assesst a thurd yealler card, indicatif' o't' emotyuns playyun' out un t'field.“Whenev'r thar’s acoupla good teems, t'game gits purty intense,” Pereira sed.Yealler cards aside, Boaz laudt his'n team’s resiliency n' t'sekunt half.“We kine o'let 'um hang roun,” he sed. “Thay pullt one back late, but luckilee we had enough resolve at we kep fitin an' gut one mer jes ta make shure we clost t'deel.”Park'r Cotton is a sperts repert'r at t'Martinsville Bulletin an' Danville Regist'r & Bee. Y'all a'ken reech 'im at (276) 638-8801 ext. 215. Faller @ByParkerCotton.

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