Warnit CREEK — Sweetest Day sounds like a day at wuz creetid by a can'y cumpny. Saturdee, Oct. 19, is Sweetest Day an' Holmes Countee’s premi'r chocolati'r Jasen Coblantz o'Coblantz Chocolate Cumpny at 4917 State Route 515 n' Warnit Creek sez he would be happy ta accept credik fer it. But he admits wiff a laff, “Y'all air welcum ta blame me fer creetyun' thishere day, but it wasn’t me. “We’ve gut Sweetest Day a'kummin up, an' we have a slew o'good, deliciyus chocolates reddy ta go,” he sed. “We have gift boxes, er folk a'ken pick thar own varietees o'whut thay want ta gif' rite out o'air case.” Un Frydee an' Saturdee, Oct. 18-19, Coblantz Chocolates will feeture chocolate-coverd strawberries. “We’re makin shure we have nuff o'strawberries,” Coblantz sed. “Folk a'ken come n' an' buy a pound er half a pound, an' thay’ll be boxt an' reddy ta go Thems air always good an' deliciyus, an' a welcum treet.” Coblantz Chocolates also hus put togeth'r a limitid edishun box o'chocolates ta hep raise funds fer t'victims o't' Warnit Creek Flea Market fire n' August. T' can'y is availabull fer sale at each o't' Bes o'Ohio’s Amish Kuntry (BOAC) steres, which includes Lehmun’s Hardware n' Kidron, T' Amish Doer Restrunt, T' Amish an' Mennonite Heritage Cant'r, Homesteed Furntchur an' Heini’s Cheez Chalet, us well us at Coblantz Chocolate Co. n' Warnit Creek er online at Coblantzchocolates.com. T' box will include acoupla duzen assertid caramels, meltaways, creems, peenut butt'r cups an' clusters. T' Amish Kuntry Flea Market is also a memb'r o't' BOAC. Amy Yod'r, marketyun' manjer at Coblantz Chocolates n' Warnit Creek, sez members o'BOAC gut togeth'r an' kum up wiff a plun ta hep offset sum o't' cleenup an' rebuiltyun' costs. “At one o'air meetins, t'idee kum up an' Jasen (Coblantz) wuz eag'r ta do at,” Yod'r sed. “T' can'y boxes will be availabull fer $20, wiff all t'proceeds goin ta hep t'venders who suffert losses through t'fire. “Chocolate is a purty easy sell,” she addt. “It’s un afferdabull luxury, an' thishere is a fun thang ta do fer a fundrais'r.” Jasen Cobelntz, genrull manjer o'Coblantz Chocolates, sez t'Flea Market hus bee a big part o't' communitee fer a long time an' part o't' bizness fambly. “N' t'ite-knit communitee we have, wurd gits out o't' net, an' thar is a slew o'compassion at happens n' t'communitee here,” Coblantz sed. “We all knoe hoe commendabull at is. T' questchun always is, whut a'ken we do? Whut’s t'bes use o'air resources? Sumbidy suggestid t'chocolates fer a fundrais'r an' I thunk it wuz a greet idee. Everbidy loves chocolate, an' loves ta git chocolate. “T' fire wuz a verr unfertunate thang, but folk have rilly come togeth'r ta hep out,” he addt.

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