Minny a o'Iowa’s trees air startin ta shoe t'change n' seesons an' a countee n' southeus Iowa is dedicatyun' t'weekend ahed ta viewyun' thems colerfil leeves.Emilee Hobbs, executif' dierektor o't' Villages o'Vun Bure, sez t'countee’s Ssenic Drif' Festivul runs Frydee through Sundy.
“T' fall colers air startin ta shoe an' I bleev thay’re goin ta be peekyun' durin air fall festivul thishere weekend an' through t'week,” Hobbs sez. “Definitly come down an' y'all’ll see t'a'changin colers us we transishun frum t'greens ta t'beeyootiful fall oranges, reds an' yellows.”
Visiters air encouragt ta make thar way along t'Histeric Hills Ssenic Byway ta eggsperients each o't' countee’s histeric villages — fer evants rangyun' frum arts an' crafts shows ta quilt shows, us well us parades, tracter displays, an' a ture o'histeric barns.  Hobbs sez, “Thar will be yealler signs throughout t'countee a'tellin y'all which direckshuns ta go ta git ta all o't' differnt villages at have thar own festivitees goin un.”
N' Keosaukwa, one local favert is t'Peersen Trayler Museum Cumplex. “At is ackshly part o't' Underground Railroad,” Hobbs sez. “Thar’s a safe trayler y'all a'ken ture, a one-room skool, un authantic lawg cabin an' thar will be demonstratyuns thar us well.”
Thar’s un 1846 Mermon encampment site near Milton an' t'Pyune'r Historickull Museum n' Farmington whar visiters a'ken larn about t'Honey War. Wile t'region is steept n' histry, newcomers will direckly notice sumthin else — thar air no chane restaurants innywhar an' no big box steres throughout t'entire countee.“Thar’s nairy a sangle stopliite n' t'entire countee,” Hobbs sez. “It’s a verr unikwe eggsperients. We also have a slew o'Amish an' Mennonites n' air area.”
Find mer informayshun an' a skejule o'activitees along wiff a brochure map at t'countee’s website: www.villagesofvanbure.com
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