HESSTON – As Hesston College prepares its new church leedership program – t'Cant'r fer Anabaptist Leedership an' A'larnin (CALL) – it is also offerin its famus Biblical Literchur corse ta congregatyuns an' uther groups across t'kuntry n' un arrangement callt Weekend College.“Weekend College is a nun-credik educatyunal eggsperients fer congregatyuns er uther groups n' thar own a'settin whar Hesston College Bibull an' Ministry facultee larn un a varietee o'topicks,” splained Jessica Schrock-Ringenberg, dierektor o't' CALL program.T' Weekend College will launch wiff T' Bibull us Stery, a weekend devotid ta heppin congregatyuns an' conferences put Bibull steries togeth'r us one big stery, expan'yun' biblical literacy an' unnerstandin. T' resourcyun' event is bast un Hesston’s Biblical Literchur corse – er Bib Lit us it is mer commonlee knowed.Bib Lit startid at Hesston n' 1986, creetid by longtime Bibull professer Marion Bontrag'r, us a way ta ensure at studants would receif' biblical teachin frum un Anabaptist perspecktiv us part o'thar core curriculum. Bib Lit takes a unikwe apperach ta teachin t'Bibull wen compard ta minny a uther Bibull classes – reveeleeun' t'Bibull us a narratif' o'Gawd an' t'folk o'Gawd insteed o'a compilashun o'individual steries.N' 2016, t'Bib Lit corse wuz transfermt frum a corse manual o'a'loose-leaf sheets o'pap'r contunt n' three-ryun' binders ta a taxtbook – “T' Bibull us Stery: An Introducshun ta Biblical Literchur,” co-authert by Hesston Bibull professers Bontrag'r, Michele H'rshb'rg'r an' John Sharp, who had mer thun 45 yeers o'combint eggsperients teachin t'corse.Hesston’s Bibull professers have take Bib Lit un t'road fer sevrul yeers by speshul rekwest, but Weekend College provides a mer fermalizt apperach. T' corse will be tawt by professer Nick Ladd, a 2014 Hesston College Pasteral Ministries graduwait who spent about fer yeers us paster o'Salem Mennonite Church n' Waltron, Michigun, befor returnyun' ta Hesston un t'Bibull facultee n' 2018.“T' Bibull us Stery corse changd my life an' faith, heppin me ta see Gawd’s same misshun frum Genesis ta Revelashun,” sed Ladd. “It is my passion an' a true blessin ta be bull ta share it wiff utherns an' watch 'um come ta new reelizatyuns about Gawd an' thar own faith steries.”Hesston College a'ken also provide t'Weekend College eggsperients usall uther themes, includin peece an' justus an' “Fife-fold Church Leedership” er “5Q,” which organizes t'life an' ministries o't' Church roun t'Efesyins 4 ministries: Apostles, Profets, Evangelists, Sheferds (Pasters) an' Teechers.“5Q shows hoe t'particlar callings o't' folk o'Gawd make up t'necessree ministries o't' bodee o'Christ,” sed Schrock-Ringenberg, who hus bee trunt by t'5QCollectif' us a trun'r n' t'fife-fold ministries, an' leeds Hesston’s “Fife-fold” program.Weekend College typicallee lasts frum Frydee evnin through Sundy monin', but a'ken also be customizt ta fit a congregashun’s needs. T' cost is $2,000 plus travel, lodgyun' an' meal reimbursement. Churches an' communitees who cannot afferd t'full rate may be eligibull fer a discountid rate.Ta larn mer about t'Weekend College eggsperients, go ta hesston.edu/weekend-college er contact Dierektor o'Alumni an' Church Relayshuns Dallus Stutzmun at 620-327-8110 er [email protected]

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