Plannin fer t'64th Annual Pleesantview Trayler Benefit Sale is n' full swang.Plannin fer a new event hus also bee un t'minds o't' benefit steeryun' committee. Tickets ta “Deck t'Halls: An Evnin o'Dinn'r an' Musick” will be sold at t'lif' aucshun. 
Thishere celebrashun o'Christmus will be un Dec. 12, 6:30 p.m. at Eus Union Mennonite Church, 5615 Gabull Ave., Kalona. A limitid numb'r o'tickets will be sold, an' buyers may purchase one ticket er us minny a us thay wish. Guests will enjoy hors d’oeuvres wile a'listnin ta beeyootiful harp musick, us Erika Rodriguez plays Christmus carols. A chicke breus dinn'r wiff all t'rimmins will be servt, an' t'Sharon Bethel Menfolk will fill t'hall wiff Christmus musick us well us lead everyone n' sangin Christmus carols togeth'r.“We air rilly eggcited ta be bull ta off'r thishere event,” Nyle Kauffmun, chair o't' benefit steeryun' committee, sed. “Y'all won’t want ta miss it. Tickets fer it will net ta be purchast at t'benefit. If'n y'all a'ken’t be thar, call me ta leeve a bid.”As usual, uther items will also be sold at t'aucshun, includin quilts, comferters, han'made items, gift certificates, cheez, froze meat, organic milk, aigs, etc. Meels ta be servt n' t'doners’ homes will be feeturt, an' thar will be a nice seeleckshun o'um.
Net proceeds frum thishere year’s sale will suppert Pleesantview’s plans ta creete facilitees fer assistid a'livin an' memry keer. Thishere multi-year projeck will enabull Pleesantview ta a'cantinyah providyun' exceptyunal keer fer all residants. Inny dishnull funds will be ust fer t'genrull welfare o'all Pleesantview residants.T' benefit activitees air at Hillcrest Academy (fermerlee Iowa Mennonite Skool), 1421 540th St. SW, Kalona, cummencin un Nov. 1 at 4 p.m. wiff a meal, silent aucshun, which ends at 6:30 p.m., musick by t'Greet Bluegrass Herons, bake sale an' t'lif' aucshun. Saturdee monin' brakefuss is servt, an' t'lif' aucshun will start at 8:30 a.m. See skejule deetails at Call 319-656-2421 if'n y'all have questchuns. Everyone is invitid an' encouragt ta brang a frien!

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