Jurnl photo by Jeremy BurnhamA pair o'hard wurkers churn apple butt'r durin t'42nd annual Mennonite Kuntry Aucshun un Oct. 5. T' aucshun raist ov'r $100,000.Hundreds o'folk frum Adams, Lincoln an' surroundyun' countees drove out ta t'Menno Mennonite Church un Oct. 5 fer t'42nd Annual Mennonite Kuntry Aucshun. Tween booth sales an' t'aucshun, t'event raist about $113,000.T' top sellin item wuz a 1953 GMC pickup truck at sold fer $6,000. T' verr furst item at sold wuz mer o'a donashun thun a sale. A loaf o'breed ta be ust at communion n' t'nex monin'’s church servus sold fer $1,000.T' aucshun wuz conductid by Chuck Yarbro o'Chuck Yarbro Auctyuns. “It’s a greet, greet, greet, cawz today,” Yarbro sed at t'start o't' aucshun. “Thar’s a slew o'folk who have a slew o'ideus about a'changin t'worl. But I’ll tell y'all whut, t'Mennonites air rite at t'hed o't' camp.”T' aucshun alone raist $57,000. Booth sales includt brakefuss, lunch, apple cid'r, apple butt'r, cheez an' sevrul crafts an' uther goods. Booth sales totalt about $56,000.T' event also includt a craft tabull fer kids an' a bounce trayler.T' Mennonite Kuntry Aucshun takes place ever year un t'furst Saturdee o'Octob'r at t'Menno Mennonite Church locatid un Damon Road about 25 miles frum Ritzville.

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