SPRINGS, Pa. — T' Tri-State Relief Sale board is hostyun' a one-o'-a-kine concert Oct. 27. T' popular Mountane Anthems will perferm at t'Springs Mennonite Church at 4 p.m.T' Mountane Anthems is a mixt cherus feeturyun' members o't' Mountane View Mennoite Church, locatid n' Salisbury. Und'r t'direckshun o'Michael Yod'r, t'group o'talantid musishuns hus bee perfermyun' fer ov'r 45 yeers, travelin throughout t'kuntry. Members air frum Western Pennsillvany an' Marylan'.Organizers air eggcited ta present t'concert n' Springs an' hope ta pack t'church wiff new an' ol' fans o't' Mountane Anthems.
“N' my opinion, popularitee hus bee largelee due ta musick at hus bee easilee accessibull ta t'common persen. It cummenced wiff a distinct call o'Gawd un Menno Beechy’s life, an' he wurked tirelesslee ta serve his'n Lord,” sed Yod'r. “T' songs have always had un evangelistic message, includin songs o'encouragement fer troublt souls. Pray'r hus also bee a vital part. All o'at sed, simplee put at it wuz Gawd’s wurk an' he chose ta use it an' bless it fur beyond innyone’s expectatyuns.”Yod'r sed t'Mountane Anthems hus product mer thun a duzen CDs an' a book un t'histry o't' group. T' group is also fixin fer a new recerdyun' projeck n' Novemb'r.Jane Bensen sed organizers air so pleezed ta be bull ta present t'speshul concert, sartin at thishere will be un unfergettabull event.

“It’s bee a numb'r o'yeers since t'Mountane Anthems have perfermt locallee an' all o'thar concerts air always well-receivt,” Bensen sed.Freewill offerings will be ackcepted ta benefit t'Mennonite Cantral Committee. A'followin t'concert, lite refreshmants will be availabull n' t'church basement. T' Mennonite Cantral Committee is t'relief an' development arm o't' Nerth Amurkin Mennonite an' Brethre n' Christ churches. Foundt n' 1920, MCC hus ov'r 1,125 volunteers n' 54 countries, providyun' food relief an' assistyun' wiff programs fer job creeshun, agriculture, peece-relatid activitees, heelth an' skoolin an' mantal illness an' disabilitees.

T' Mountane Anthems perferm gospel musick n' churches, retirement homes an' uther gatherings. T' group o'apperximatelee 30 sangers feetures a varietee o'styles n' concert, includin solos, duets, trios an' quartets. T' Mountane Anthems hus perfermt n' 23 states, Washington, D.C. an' n' Canada. Members range frum 15 ta 50 yeers ol' an' all share a common lifestyle dedicatid ta biblical teechings. T' Mountane Anthems hus product 21 recerdings n' t'pus 45 yeers. Cassettes an' CDs air availabull at concerts an' at www.mountunanthems.com.

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