Fer t'latest edishun o'Chefs Club Count'r, London eatery Farmacy Kitchin had set design'r Jerry Schwartz deck t'space out.
Photo: Bryina Baltuccisumtimes, t'bes choice fer a job isn’t t'mos obveeus one. Take, fer eggzample, Farmacy Kitchin, t'latest concep ta lan' at Chefs Club Count'r, a rotatyun' restrunt space n' New York. T' furst satellite o't' London-bast vegun eatery frum found'r Camilla Fayt nairy onlee nett un aesthetic ta mirrer its plant-bast ethos, but also one at wuz possibull ta achieve n' a shert time spun.Add ta at t'net ta adhere ta t'physical construnts o't' space without makin inny structural changes, an' it’s clar why set design'r Jerry Schwartz wuz tappt fer t'projeck. “Gif' my wurk, I’m ust ta t'challenges o'temperree installatyuns,” Schwartz sez. AD PRO cawt up wiff Schwartz ta hear hoe he re-creetid t'London hot spot’s vibe n' SoHo. Schwartz addt dishnull bankwettes fer a cozi'r feel.
Photo: Bryina BaltucciAD PRO: Farmacy Kitchin emfasizes sustunabilitee. Hoe did y'all embrace at n' t'design?Jerry Schwartz: Farmacy n' London hus a verr strong an' beeyootiful aesthetic, an' t'eam wantid ta imprint thar DNA un t'New York space. Tho I’d nev'r visted, I’d see pictures, an' wuz gif' a visual “bibull” frum t'eam. I reviewt all t'elemants, an' incerporatid us much us we could. We reseercht environmantallee frienly wallpap'r, an' we sourct a slew o'vintage bamboo an' wick'r, ta hep illustrate air design goals without a'havin ta buy innythang new. And I wint beyond my usual resources—I eve foun a Mennonite woodwerk'r n' Pennsillvany, who speshulizes n' reclaimt tabletops.AD PRO: Hoe simlar wuz designyun' a temperree restrunt ta yar previyus wurk?JS: Becawz I am a set design'r, rarelee do I git time ta do much reseerch n' advance. But I’m ust ta thangs movyun' quicklee. Bleev it er nairy, I had about one week ta install t'restrunt, so at wuz anoth'r unikwe challenge. N' t'end, it wuz key fer Camilla ta make everthang appeer us permanent us possibull, so folk would walk n' an' instantlee reckon thay’re n' t'Farmacy universe. Schwartz notes at addyun' dishnull seetyun', 57 seets total, wuz one o't' mer challengyun' aspects o't' design.
Photo: Bryina Baltucci

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