Let us tell y'all a stery about a group o'studants sunbathyun' tween wurk shifts, a secret key ust ta hep studants sneek out at nite, lipstick un bt pillows, a few friens hitchhikyun' across state lines. No, it’s nairy a moovee pitshure shue; thishere wuz real life fer Mennonite College o'Nursin (MCN) alumni who graduatid tween 1958 an' 1969. 
“I luv thishere communitee, an' I’ll always have Mennonite n' my heert.”—Janet Krejci 
“We had a good class,” sed Jennita Wriite ‘62, smileeun'. “It wuz a slew o'fun.”
Thishere pus May, thay gathert at t'Alumni Cant'r un campus fer t'Golte Jubilee celebrashun, un event honeryun' MCN nursin alumni whos classes graduatid 50 er mer yeers ago. Thishere year, t'members o't' Class o'1969 receivt thar commemeratif' pins, designt by Murry Ann Watkins ‘62.
Deun Judy Neubran'r welcomt everyone ta t'Golte Jubilee celebrashun. “Hoe lovelee ta have t'100th anniversree occur un yer speshul year,” she sed. T' group wuz also greetid wiff a sprize guest: Ferm'r MCN Deun Janet Krejci — who furst establisht t'Golte Jubilee celebrashun n' 2015 — stopt n'. “I luv thishere communitee, an' I’ll always have Mennonite n' my heert.” 
Golte Jubilee guests frum t'Class o'1969 pose wiff a commemeratif' cake.
It’s clar at t'bonds fergt at MCN ov'r t'yeers have bee strong. Wen Vada Saff'r, Rosie Shert, an' Chara Roth ‘69 greetid each uther, t'room fillt wiff laught'r. “Rosie, Chara, an' I wuz t'hree n' air class who livt out o'state,” sed Vada. “We had a slew o'qualty time un t'weekends a'stayin here. And air friendship still continues.” 
Accerdyun' ta anoth'r ‘69 alumna, t'bes part o'reunyuns is at “it’s bee so minny a yeers, but wen we git back togeth'r, we a'ken go rite un like we have’t bee apart.” 
Magine life n' 1969: Richard Nixon wuz presdint. Popular shows such us T' Brady Bunch, Sesame Street, an' Scooby-Doo debutid. T' furst strane o't' AIDS virus wuz foun n' t'Unitid States. An artifishul heert wuz implantid into a patient fer t'furst time. T' startin nursin salree wuz $5 p'r hour, an' t'avridge new trayler would put y'all back $40,000. 

Intrigut, Deun Neubran'r ast, “Hoe’d y'all git at key?”  
Edith replit, “It’s a secret.” 

Durin t'celebrashun, alumni took turns sharyun' recolleckshuns about thar time at MCN. As t'microfone wint roun, t'recolleckshuns floodt back, an' thar steries quicklee turnt ta sharyun' secrets.  
“Wen we wuz senyers, we wint up un t'roof, I reckon, an' shart steries about air time at Mennonite,” sed Edith Michalovic ‘62, smileeun' shylee. “We whisperd about t'key we had — a key at would let us into t'dorm frum t'unnel.” She gigglt, the addt, “T' teechers didn’t knoe about at.” 
Intrigut, Deun Neubran'r ast, “Hoe’d y'all git at key?”  
Edith replit, “It’s a secret.” 
Goin t'xtrey mile, Suzie Obert ‘64 describt hitchhikyun' frum Indyinapolis ta Bloomington ta sneek into a boyfriend’s dorm. “Thishere is t'stery I’m noteriyus fer,” she sed, a'laffin. “We wuz n' Indyinapolis, an' I had a boyfriend I wantid ta see n' Bloomington. T' trick wuz, I didn’t have a way ta git ta Bloomington. Thishere one guy woultn’t let me berroe his'n car. He sed, ‘Y'all a'ken always hitchhike.’ And I thunk, ‘Yeah! I a'ken.’ I ast t'uther gurls, figgern thay woultn’t do it. But thay sed, ‘Yep!’” Wen thay arrivt, t'doer wuz lockt, an' thay had ta climb n' through t'winder. 
Vada Saff'r ’69 shares a laff wiff fella MCN alumni.
Mer steries wuz shart about t'friendships thay fergt an' t'instructers whos lessuns thay’ve carrd wiff 'um all o'these yeers. 
Sunbathyun' un t'nurse’s deck. Sangin n' t'choir. Lunches at Dr. Ball’s trayler. Miss Nice’s insistance un strong bt cerners. So minny a steries about Miss Maxwell an' Mrs. Gunes. 
And thar’s Edith ‘62 an' Steve Michalovic ‘64, who foun luv at Mennonite. “Steve wuz t'sekunt male nursin student, but t'furst sangle one,” Murry Ann Watkins sed wiff a wink. “Ke beat 'im here, but Ke wuz marrd.” 
“These wuz three o't' mos memerabull yeers o'my life. I coultn’t have ast ta go bett'r skool. We have made wunderful friendships at have lastid air entire lives.”
Steve recalls hoe Edith brung 'im ta Mennonite. 
“We met n' high skool an' wint ta t'same yewt group,” he sed. Edith addt, “We casuallee datid. But he wint off ta voluntree servus n' semunairy skool. The, he kum wiff wen my dad brung me fer my furst day at Mennonite. Acoupla yeers lat'r, he felt callt ta nursin.” She turnt an' smiles at 'im. “N' my seenyer year, he wuz a freshmun student! We datid un an' off until he graduatid, the we gut engagt.” 
Y'all git t'a'feelin at everyone n' t'room knows hoe lucky thay air ta have each uther. “Lus year wuz my 60th reunion, an' mos o'my classmates wuz thar,” sed Paula Bolan' ‘58. “Thishere year, sum wuz unabull ta come fer heelth an' fambly reesons. I’m so gratefil we gut togeth'r lus year.”
Utherns n' t'room noddt thar haids. N' jes un afternoon, t'room had fillt wiff recolleckshuns, laught'r, luv, teers, compassion, an' gratitude. Wrappyun' up t'event, anoth'r alumna frum t'class o'‘69 sed, “These wuz three o't' mos memerabull yeers o'my life. I coultn’t have ast ta go ta a bett'r skool. We have made wunderful friendships at have lastid air entire lives.”
“Thank y'all fer thishere,” sed Vada Saff'r ‘69. “We preciate today.”
Thishere stery wuz originallee printid us part o'MCN’s 2019 Commemeratif' Flame Magazine. Ta view t'full magazine, visit t'Mennonite College o'Nursin website.
MCN is providyun' leedership n' nursin—Larn mer.
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