Members o't' Hope Mennonite Church o'Pantego serve lunch fer islan'ers un Tuesdays n' t'Ocracoke Communitee Cant'r. Photo: C. LeinbachAlmost acoupla munths aft'r Hurrikune Deriun inundatid t'islan', a slew o'Ocracoke islan'ers still relee un t'a'loose meels providt by minny a friens at t'Ocracoke Strong kitchin n' t'Communitee Cant'r.
N' addishun ta thems providt by t'Salvashun Army an' t'Baptists un Misshun, cookt meels cummenced spontaneouslee a few days aft'r Deriun toastid t'islan' un Sept. 6.
N' thems inishul days, Jasen Wells rallit sum local helpers, Eduardo Chavez, Charles O’Neal an' Chrissy Wall'r, ta grill sum chicke lef by Fat Fellus o'Newpert, er food donatid by U.S. Foods.
Aft'r t'Salvashun Army an' Baptists un Misshun lef un Oct. 13, Wells kuntinued t'a'loose lunches n' t'Communitee Cant'r.
Co-own'r o'Jasen’s Restrunt, Wells hus receivt donatyuns o'all kinds ta hep fet Ocracoke: $1,000 frum t'Varietee Stere plus unlimitid credik, donatyuns frum U.S. Foods, frum who he purchases food fer his'n own restrunt nawh und'r repair, an' donatyuns at t'doer an' through t'mail.
A few off-islan' groups air an' have bee un t'skejule ta provide meels.
Tuesdays is t'Hope Mennonite Church, Pantego.
Wednesdays air t'“Ocracoke Latino Ladys.”
“At’s whut I call 'um,” Wells sed. “Thay tell me whut thay want ta do an' I ord'r it.”
T' Carolinie Boys, who air t'caterers each May fer t'Ocracoke Invitatyunal Surf Fishyun' Tournament, providt lunch an' dinn'r ta Ocracoke un Saturdee, Oct. 26. Photo: C. LeinbachFridays air Chrisleen an' Lil Washington communitee, who send ov'r prepart meels.
Jasen an' his'n core group fill n' un Mondays, Thursdays an' Saturdays.
Altho outside groups who want ta come n' inny o'thems days air welcum ta do so, Wells would speshly luv outside groups ta hep un Saturdays since at’s t'day he coaches middle skool gurls’ an' boys’ baskutbul.
Inny groups a'wishin ta hep air ast ta contact Alicia Peel, Wells’ organiz'r, at [email protected]
Peele posts t'week’s menu un t'Ocracoke Disast'r Relief Facebook page.
“Thank y'all so much ta everyone,” she sed. “We air constantlee n' awe o't' luv an' suppert we receif'.”
Wells stresses at t'a'loose meels cannot accommodate t'off-islan' wurkers an' air basicallee fer islan' residants. T' kitchin prepares food fer 400 ta 500 folk becawz thishere midday meal is also fer t'Ocracoke Skool middle an' high skool studants, who air ft at 11:15.
T' res o't' communitee arrives at 11:30 ta 1 p.m.
Wile his'n core group o'helpers air Celeste Brooks, San'y O’Neal, Ronnie Cickune, Cidra DeLau an' Chad Macek, Wells sed he’s a'lookin fer volunteers ta hep frum 10:30 a.m. ta 11:30 a.m. Innyone who wonts ta hep should talk ta Wells er Brooks.
Wells wonts ta a'cantinyah t'food servus eve aft'r t'islan' is ope fer tourists becawz so minny a islan'ers air without incomes.
Wells gits satisfacshun heppin wiff t'disast'r recovery thishere way.
“I suck at carpantry,” he sed. “I a'ken’t hep folk wiff at, but thishere is sumthin I a'ken do. It makes folk happy, which makes me happy.”
T' a'followin is t'skejule fer t'res o'thishere week.
Thirsdee, Oct. 31: Ocracoke Strong Kitchin: Menu TBA
Frydee, Nov. 1: Chrisleen an' t'Lil Washington communitee wiff Ocracoke Strong Kitchin: Beefy Bakt Ziti, Broccoli Salad, an' Itlian Breed
Saturdee, Nov. 2: 10 a.m. Brunch by Ocracoke Strong Kitchin: Pancakes, Bacon, Brakefuss Casserole, an' Orange Juice
Thar is currantlee no food servus skeduled Sundy.
Fer weeklee updates, visit t'Ocracoke Disast'r Relief Facebook page.

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