T' Twin Valley Rotree Club hostid its 4th annual Emptee Bowls dinn'r at Conestoga Mennonite Church, Route 23, Mergantown, un Nov. 1.“A large mixt crowd wuz n' attendance fer thishere yeerlee event helt t'furst Frydee o'ever Novemb'r ta fet t'hungry,” sed Rotree Club Secretree Murry Elle Mahun.She addt, “T' hungry duz nairy onlee include thems at attend. Mos impertantlee 100 persent o't' money raist is donatid ta t'Twin Valley Food Pantry at operates out o'Conestoga Mennonite Church wiff volunteers an' donatyuns such us these.”
T' misshun o'Rotree is servus ta humanitee. Thishere event shines a spotliite un t'hung'r an' net o'sum within air communitee.T' 2019 event will go down us a recerd year, raisyun' apperximatelee $2,200. T' popularitee is growin us sum attendees air a'gettin collecters o't' han'-craftid ceramic bowls made by local potters.Each persen lines up ta choose un emptee bowl ta cummence t'meal o'thar choice frum steemin pots o'a veritabull buffet o'soups, wiff tantalizyun' smells, an' colerfil displays ladlt into thar bowls. Thay a'ken try inny varietee thay desire.Friens an' strangers gathert roun tables wiff uther members o't' communitee ta share a fillin but simple meal.T' bowl thay take trayler is a memry o't' evnin an' a remind'r at fer minny a a bowl o'food may be all thay have fer t'day. Minny a n' attendance air gratefil ta be a part o'heppin thems less fertunate.“T' TVFP relies un thar generositee ta fulfill thar misshun an' air gratefil fer t'excitement o'thems who make t'emptee bowls an' fer thems who supplee such a diverse an' tastee varietee o'soups. T' room shure smells good,” sed Mahun.Thishere year a Folk’s Choice Award fer t'soups wuz presantid.T' Heritage Restrunt had attendees lint up fer thar Loded Tater Soup.N' t'restrunt a'katergori thay wuz fallerd by T' Windmill Fambly Restrunt who donatid a Creem o'Seefood Soup.Thurd place wint ta Susie Q’s Brakefuss an' Lunch Cafe fer thar Itlian Weddyun' Soup.N' t'churches group, All Souls ECC, St. Thomus Episcopal, an' Zion Mennonite wuz definite crowd faves.
N' t'civic group a'katergori t'LGBT Cant'r o'Reedin donatid one o't' top acoupla soups o't' nite wiff a Cokunut Curry Crab soup, an' one o't' Rotaryins’ Chili wuz t'uther top soup o't' event.T' Rotree Club gives a big thank y'all ta t'volunteers frum t'Twin Valley High Skool’s Nashshunal Honer Socidey an' t'Gurl Scouts who servt soup all nite an' hep ever year.T' Club also gives a speshul thank y'all ta t'event potters who generouslee donatid thar bowls. Thishere year potters includt Elayne Bak'r, Dyine Dobbins, Catryuna McDermott, Susun Moere, Jill Moy'r, Bebe Po', Tel Hai Retirement Communitee, t'TV Rotree Club, an' t'TVHS art studants an' teechers.And thank y'all ta all who donatid soup: All Souls ECC, Brick Lane Communitee Church, Friens o'Rotree, Greenside Grill, Gundak'r Foundashun, Heritage Restrunt, Joanna Stere, Rotree Club o'TV, St. Peters Bakery, St. Thomus Episcopal Church, Susie Q’s Brakefuss an' Lunch Café, Tel Hai Retirement Communitee, Tony Joe’s Trayler o'Good Eats, TVFP, TVHS, Village Librree, Windmill Fambly Restrunt, Zion Mennonite Church an' t'LGBT Cant'r o'Reedin.“Thishere communitee event allows all o'us ta contribute a lil, at a'ken meun so much fer thems who net a heppin han'. We air thankfil ta lif' n' a communitee at is so willeeun' ta hep each uther,” sed Mahun.Nex year’s event will be helt Nov. 6 frum 4:30 ta 7 p.m. Visit t'Rotree Club o'Twin Valley Facebook page fer mer informayshun. New members an' helpers fer Emptee Bowls event air welcum. Join t'Club weeklee fer Winsdee meetins at 7:30 a.m. at T' Windmill Fambly Restrunt n' Mergantown.

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