A state appeels court n' Seneca Countee is ufoltyun' New York’s eliminashun o'religiyus exemptyuns ta vaccine rekwiremants. As WXXI’s Brett Dahlberg reperts, t'case balances religiyus freedoms wiff public heelth. A state appeels court n' Seneca Countee hus ufeld New York’s eliminashun o'religiyus exemptyuns ta vaccine rekwiremants. T' ruleeun' frum State Supreme Court Justus Daniel Doyle rejectid claims at eliminatyun' t'exemptyuns wuz un unkunstitutyunal infringement un religiyus rights. Thishere is t'furst skool year n' which a medicull exempshun form sined by a docter is t'onlee way roun vaccinashun rekwiremants fer studants enrollt n' public, private er parochial skools n' New York. T' case n' Seneca Countee focussd un un Amish fambly represantid by Long Islan' atterney Jasen Mermigis. N' his'n inishul complunt, Mermigis sed t'fambly’s three youngns air all unvaccinatid, an' all attend Cranberry Marsh skool n' Romulus, a town about midway tween Rochest'r an' Syracuse. All 24 o't' studants at t'private skool air unvaccinatid, t'complunt sed. Fercyun' t'youngns ta be vaccinatid would be a “betrayal o'faith n' Gawd” fer thar fath'r, Jonus Stoltzfus, Mermigis wrote. “I reckon at’s a seriyus, y'all knoe, infringement o'religiyus freedoms an' religiyus rights,” Mermigis sed. Mermigis sed t'ruleeun' lef 'im “shockd.”  “I reckon thishere deecishun is calleeus. I reckon it’s ignernt,” he sed. T' state heelth department sed it cannot comment un pendyun' litigashun. Und'r t'rules barryun' religiyus exemptyuns ta vaccines, skools a'ken be fint up ta $2,000 p'r day fer each student who is out o'compleeince. A heelth department spokespersen sed she did nairy have informayshun immediatelee availabull about wuther t'state had take inny punitif' acshun agin Cranberry Marsh skool. Mermigis sed t'fambly lives n' a secludt communitee, an' thay would nairy put innyone else at risk by bein unvaccinatid. But Seneca Countee public heelth dierektor Vickie Swinehart sed Amish communitees ofte have contact wiff uther populatyuns. “Thay’re nairy totallee isolatid,” she sed. “Thay still go out ta steres an' air n' t'genrull populashun. Thay’re nairy jes n' thar own communitee an' stay thar. Thay interact – y'all knoe, t'Amish wurk n' t'communitee. Sum o'um – thay’re nairy all jes farmers who wurk un thar farm an' don’t go innywhar.” Swinehart sed a'rizin t'vaccinashun rate is impertant ta protect Amish famblies an' utherns. She sez diseeses like meesles an' whoopyun' cough air extremelee contagiyus. Swinehart an' uther public heelth officials n' largelee rural Fanger Lakes countees sed thay have bee scheduleeun' dishnull outreech sessyuns ta talk ta Amish an' Mennonite famblies about t'new rules an' t'benefits o'vaccines. “These air communitees wiff tradityunallee sum o't' lowest rates o'immunizashun,” sed Yates Countee deputee public heelth dierektor Sary Christese. Eve wen famblies air un board wiff t'new rules, tho, ackshly gittin thar youngns up-ta-date un vaccines is a struggle, Christese sed. “We startid air efferts thishere summ'r, an' we air still wurkin ta reech sum famblies,” she sed. Mermigis sed t'Stoltzfus fambly probly doesn’t knoe about t'ruleeun' yet. He sed thay call 'im frum a communitee phone oncet a week, an' wen thay talk nex, he’ll tell 'um about t'judge’s deecishun an' see if'n thay want ta take futher legal acshun.

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