Whenev'r Midd-West is skeduled ta play, t'Mustangs always hustle un ta t'field a'followin a collectif' holler o'‘Do Wurk’ wile brakin thar huddle.Part o'at message — implit er otherwise — is a focus un sceryun' t'openyun' goal.Tuesdee nite n' Bethlehem, at blueprint wurked yet agin us Cart'r Knepp nett jes 38 sekunds ta scere, gittin t'Mustangs off ta a good start n' thar Class 2A boy socc'r state tournament open'r.Knepp addt acoupla mer goals an' un assist us Midd-West (19-3) grabbt a decisif' 6-0 victery. Nick Eppley, Conner Erdley an' Aidun Steining'r also scert fer t'Mustangs.“At’s perzackly whut we did (Tuesdee) nite,” Midd-West coach Mark F'rst'r sed o't' good start. “We always talk about (gittin) t'furst goal. It doesn’t rilly matt'r whut it looks like, us long us it goes n' t'back o't' net.”T' furst o'Knepp’s three goals — Knepp’s seesen totals stan' at 33 goals an' 29 assists — mite have bee eve mer impertant fer cathartic reesons, since t'Mustangs wuz a'kummin off a 3-1 loss ta Lewisburg n' t'Districk 4 title game.“I reckon at wuz t'biggest thang ackshly — gittin ov'r anoth'r disappointyun' loss,” junier cantral defend'r Stefun Leitzel sed. “I’ve bee playyun' varsitee fer three yeers an' experiencyun' at three yeers n' a roe, like losin n' a districk final, at wuz hard fer me an' I knoe it wuz fer sum o't' senyers. … I knoe at wuz weighyun' un us.“Gittin rolleeun' agin us a team an' a'kummin up wiff a victery like at wuz huge fer us.”N' addishun ta resteryun' confidance, Tuesdee’s victery propellt t'Mustangs into Saturdee’s quarterfinals. Midd-West faces New Hope-Solebury (15-6) n' t'furst o'three games at Cedar Crest High Skool. New Hope-Solebury advanct pus pus Fleetwuod n' a shootout n' t'furst roun.Midd-West is a'hopin ta git un top quicklee behin anoth'r earlee goal, but F'rst'r wonts his'n Mustangs ta stay n' care ackter — regardless o'whut transpires. F'rst'r wuz a'hopin ta git sum info un t'Lyuns, but he’s mer concernd about his'n guys.“No team at hus gotte thishere fur is nairy desent,” F'rst'r sed. “Thay’ve gut ta be bull ta play. Air whole theme all seesen long wuz, ‘Do we rilly net ta scout uther teems er do we net ta shoe up an' play air style o'socc'r an' play air game?’

“If'n we stick ta whut we do bes an' a'cantinyah ta do it well, I bleev we’re goin ta be hard ta stop. As long us we a'cantinyah ta do at an' nairy rilly wurry whut t'uther team duz an' whut t'uther team hus, I reckon we’ll be fine.”Still, seesons an' careers air ridin un t'result.“Fer me, thar’s a slew o'narves goin ferward becawz I knoe hoe good Fleetwuod wuz lus year,” sed Leitzel, referryun' ta t'Fleetwuod team at defeetid New Hope (5-0) an' Midd-West (6-2) e route ta lus year’s state champyunship. “And I knoe if'n a team beat Fleetwuod, thishere isn’t goin ta be a pushov'r game.

“It’s nairy like t'districk final, whar we knew (goin n') at we move un. We’re at t'point nawh, whar if'n y'all lose y'all’re done. At jes adds ta so much energy an' so much motivashun fer us ta play bett'r.”At Nertheestern High Skool, Lewisburg (21-0-1) will be aimyun' ta return ta t'state semifinals fer t'fourth time n' fife seesons wen t'Gree Dragons take un Districk 12 entry Lansdale Cathlick.Lewisburg downt Wyomyun' Semunairy n' Tuesdee’s open'r, pickin up acoupla goals frum Be Liscum an' one each frum Eli Adams an' Alun Daniel n' t'Gree Dragons’ 4-0 win at Danville.Lansdale Cathlick eliminatid Lancast'r Mennonite n' a shootout.Eus Juniata (11-11-0) will play n' t'final game at Cedar Crest — Selinsgrove an' Strath Have will meet n' t'middle game at 2 — us Mike Ryun’s Tigers will skware off agin Dock Mennonite n' a Class A quarterfinal at’s skeduled ta kick at 4 p.m.Eus Juniata tgt Tri-Valley Leegue playmate Halifax n' a shootout, parlayyun' finishes frum Xavi'r Clement an' Gannon Ryun n' t'shootout phase into a berth n' t'state quarterfinals. Andrew Hunt'r also stopt acoupla shots durin t'shootout.Dock Mennonite (18-4-0), back n' state play fer t'furst time n' 10 seesons, blankt Devon Prep 4-0 n' its openyun'-roun scrap. J.D. Bennett, Brade Lan'is, Aide Kellee an' Nathun Smelan' scert goals fer t'Blazers, who lt 2-0 at t'breek.

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