At t'13th annual Fair Trade Market, hostid by t'Koloradie Springs Beth-El Mennonite Church Saturdee, hundreds o'shoppers foun Christmus gifts at wuz nairy onlee one-o'-a-kine products, but also kum frum ethical sourcyun'.Proceeds frum t'12 fair trade venders wint toward t'Mennonite Disast'r Servus, a volunte'r netwerk o'Anabaptist churches at responds ta disasters n' Canada an' t'U.S. Clothyun' made frum alpaca fleece, jewelry carvt o'stone an' bags o'groun coffee sat un tables inside t'church’s mane hall. Minny a o't' items kum frum impoverisht parts o'Cantral Amurka an' Afrikie, sed Kelley McKinnon, un event organiz'r.“(T' craftsme) a'ken make thishere stuff, but thay a'ken’t sell it if'n thar’s nobidy ta sell it ta,” McKinnon sed.

Sum o't' venders wuz natyunallee knowed, such us t'Te Thousund Villages organizashun at hus a shop n' Fort Collins. Utherns, like t'Quilts fer New Beginnings — a wimmen’s sewyun' group at makes blankets fer famblies transityunyun' out o'homelessness — wuz local, self-employt groups.“I’m shure at’s hoe sum o't' bigg'r fair trade cumpnys startid, wiff one persen, but a slew o'these air start-ups,” McKinnon sed. “Which is kine o'eggcitin ta hep 'um along t'way.”Fair Trade, a movement at startid n' t'1950s an' hus since flourisht wiff t'onset o'soshul awareness campaigns, aims ta empow'r farmers, wurkers an' fisherme across t'globe, accerdyun' ta t'Fair Trade Certifit website. It gunt momantum n' t'‘90s, wen Fair Trade USA found'r Paul Rice bran't t'certificashun at souite ta brang mutuallee beneficial relatyunships tween folk wurkin n' tradityunallee exploitatif' wurkin condityuns an' buyers.

Minny a tout fair trade’s symbiotic relatyunship us a way ta improov income sustunabilitee, promote environmantal stewardship, develop communitee well-bein, eve reduce humun traffickyun'. But t'erm hus also bee exploitid n' t'pus, an' sumtimes criticizt us “Western feel-good tokenism.”But organizers at Saturdee’s event sed it kums down ta simplee a'trine ta do good within t'communitee, a pillar o't' Mennonite faith at true fair trade aligns wiff.“It’s one o't' thangs at Mennonites do,” sed Juanita Canzoneri, anoth'r organiz'r. “Thar’s communitee, an' the thar’s t'wid'r communitee … it’s about bein neighberlee an' showyun' luv.”

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