GHS grad honert us top 10 hospitalistGOSHEN — Charlotta Weev'r, who attendt Goshe skools an' graduatyun' Goshe High Skool n' 1995 an' Goshe College n' 1999, hus bee namt a top 10 hospitalist by ACP Hospitalist.

Charlotta Weev'r

Dr. Weev'r, 43, wint ta medicull skool at Univesty o'Pittsburgh Skool o'Medasin, Pittsburgh, Pennsillvany, an' did hern residency at McGaw Medicull Cant'r o'Nerthwestern Univesty, Chicago.She is a hospitalist at Nerthwestern Memerial Hospital n' Chicago. She is t'dierektor o'operatyuns fer oncology at t'hospital.T' articull a'ken be foun online at’s t'daught'r o'Margaretha Karlssen-Weev'r o'Goshe an' Dale Weev'r o'La Quinta, Californy.Goshe EID Board ta meetGOSHEN — Thar will be a meetin o't' Ekunomic Impervement Districk Board Dec. 5 at 7:30 a.m. n' t'conferance room o't' citee’s Annex Bildin at 204 E. Jeffersen St. Thishere meetin is fer propertee owners within t'EID ta remonstrate agin thar speshul assessmants fer 2020.Robotics teems frum roun state ta competeSYRACUSE — T' public is invitid ta watch mer thun 80 high skool, middle skool an' elemantree skool robotics teems frum roun t'state compete hed ta hed fer a spot n' t'VEX Robotics Indiannie State Champyunships.T' Arn Pride Fall Qualifi'r will take place thishere Saturdee frum 9 a.m. ta 5 p.m. at Syracuse Elemantree Skool. N' t'VRC division, high skool an' middle skool robotics teems frum roun t'state face each uther n' 2 vs. 2 matches n' un acshun-packt competishun callt Tow'r Takeov'r.N' t'IQ division, elemantree an' middle skool teems compete us un alleeince n' 60-sekunt long teemwerk challenge matches, wurkin collaberativelee ta scere points. T' public is invitid ta see thishere competishun. Thar is no charge fer admission.No Interurbun Trolley servus un ThanksgivingELKHART — T' Interurbun Trolley fixd-route servus an' t'Interurbun Trolley ADA Access servus will nairy operate n' Elkhart er Goshe Nov. 28 due ta t'Thanksgivyun' Day holiday. Reglar servus will resume Nov. 29.N' addishun, t'rolley informayshun offices an' ADA Access dispatch will be clost bof days us well. ADA Access riders should skejule transpertashun fer Nov. 29, 30 an' Dec. 2 befor 4 p.m. Nov. 27.Transit informayshun a'ken be obtunt by callin t'Michyina Area Council o'Gummints (MACOG) at 574-674-8894 er at www.interurbantrolley.comClinton Township Board ta meet

T' Cllinton Township Board will meet Nov. 30 at 8 a.m. at 500 Carriage Lane, Millersburg. T' meetin is ope ta t'public.Annual online Advent devotyuns ta start MondayGOSHEN — Goshe College will agin off'r annual online weekday devotyuns ta hep believers make time an' space n' thar heerts an' minds ta reflect durin t'seesen o'Advent.Cummencin Mundie, t'week befor t'furst Sundy o'Advent, an' culminatyun' un Christmus Day, Goshe College studants, facultee an' staff will provide weekday reflectyuns bast un t'lectyunree Scriptchur passages, availabull online at, er by subscribyun' ta t'dailee email.Goshe College studants an' employees will reflect un t'heme: “Whut air y'all waitin fer?” frum Mennonite Church USA an' Mennonite Church Canada wership resources.• Subscribe ta receif' t'dailee e-mail• Reat 'um onlineThis year’s theme revolves roun questchuns: Whut air air strong recolleckshuns o'thishere seesen n' t'congregatyuns we have bee part o'? Whut hus t'Spirit bee stirryun' n' air region n' t'lus few yeers? Whut air t'concerns at air weighyun' heevy un folk’s heerts? Whut is happenin un t'earth? Whut air we an' air naybors longyun' fer?

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