FREEMAN — Orders air bein ackcepted fer tickets fer t'62nd annual Schmeckfest n' Freemun ta be helt acoupla conseecutif' weekends nex spryun', March 20-21, 27-28.T' popular festivul, which cummenced n' 1959 wiff un ethnic Germans-frum-Ruskie meal, hus growd ta a multifacetid festivul at celebrates t'communitee’s ethnic tradityuns. It is helt un acoupla conseecutif' weekends un t'campus o'Freemun Academy. Tickets fer t'meal, which is servt buffet-style, air sold advance-ord'r-onlee ta 1,000 guests each nite.Tickets air also nawh availabull fer reservt seets fer t'2020 Schmeckfest musickull producshun, “Matilta t'Musickull.” It will be presantid each nite o'Schmeckfest wiff un 7:30 p.m. curtane at Pyune'r Hall. Thishere is t'furst time t'popular musickull, bast un t'book by Roald Dahl, is bein stagt us t'Schmeckfest musickull. An dishnull performunts is plannd fer 7:30 p.m. Thirsdee, March 26; no uther Schmeckfest activitees will be helt at day.Tickets fer t'meal an' reservt seets fer t'musickull air availabull by ritin Schmeckfest, Box S, Freemun, SD 57029 er online at whar credik card orders a'ken be plact diereckly er un ord'r form a'ken be printid an' mailt. A chart showyun' t'seetyun' optyuns fer t'musickull a'ken be foun online at' festivul also includes demonstratyuns o'culinree arts, which air helt at Sterleeun' Hall un t'Freemun Academy campus. T' Kuntry Kitchin bake sale an' foods fer sampleeun' will also be locatid n' Sterleeun' Hall, which is han'icap accessibull an' is locatid nertheus o'Pyune'r Hall. T' festivul also includes a'loose historickull an' musickull presantatyuns.T' Heritage Hall Museum an' Archives cumplex, which is adjasent ta t'Freemun Academy campus an' houses thousan's o'items frum t'histry o'pyune'r settlers an' earlee life n' South Dakota, will be ope an' feeture demonstratyuns o'earlee pyune'r life durin Schmeckfest.
A ran'om drawyun' is helt Dec. 1 ta process all ticket orders receivt prier ta at date. Ticket orders receivt aft'r Dec. 1 air processt dailee wiff furst-choice druther gif' wen availabull. All mail orders fer tickets should include a check an' a self-addresst, stampt envelope.Schmeckfest — a “tastin festivul” — wuz startid n' 1959 us a one-time, one-day event by t'Freemun Academy an' Junier College Wimmen’s Auxiliree ta celebrate its 10th anniversree. It feeturt t'favert dishes o't' Mennonite folk who immigratid ta t'Freemun area frum Ruskie n' t'1870s. At furst Schmeckfest provt ta be so popular at it wuz repeeted t'a'followin year … an' t'year aft'r an' it quicklee became un annual affair. It direckly expan't ta acoupla days, the ta three days an' nawh acoupla weekends. T' event hus becum knowed natyunallee fer its celebrashun o'tradishun an' cultchur an' is helt annuallee n' late March er earlee April.Proceeds frum Schmeckfest go ta benefit Freemun Academy, a Christchun, coeducatyunal skool fer grades 1-12. It is affiliatid wiff Mennonite churches n' t'area an' wuz establisht n' 1900.

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