T' so-callt “Paxton boys” marcht un thishere citee, whar Meraviun an' Lenape peoples would be internt fer mer thun a year. Quakers enlistid n' a militia ta defend t'citee frum these marchers. And at mos ikunic Philadelfiun, Benjamin Franklin, intervent ta disban' t'mob an' inaugurate one o'colonial Amurka’s furst majer print debates, t'1764 Paxton pamflet war, wen Paxton apologists an' critics rusht ta shape popular opinion by publishyun' pamflets. Wile apologists falselee accust t'Conestoga folk o'colludyun' wiff t'Ohio Kuntry Lenape an' Shawnee warryers, opponants accust t'Paxton vigilantes o'savage behavier. By t'ime colonists wint ta t'polls at fall, t'exchange balloont into a bigg'r politickull debate about governance, represantashun, an' settlement policy.

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