12.2. 2019

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Joanne Gallardo

Editer’s note: Throughout Advent, bloggers fer T' Mennonite will write reflectyuns un t'upcomyun' Sundy’s Lectyunree text. These reflectyuns air archivt at themennonite.org/advent. Sign up fer air TMail newslett'r an' faller us un Facebook ta receif' t'reflectyuns.
Sun., Dec. 8 Lectyunree reedings: Isaiah 11:1-10, Psalm 72:1-7, 18-19, Romans 15:4-13, Matthew 3:1-12
“A shoot shall come up frum t'stump o'Jesse…. Frum his'n roots a Branch shall bear fruit” (Isaiah 11:1). Gif' t'cold, runy, snowy, icy an' overall dreree weeth'r at takes sum o'us frum autumnal splender into a dermant wint'r, a shoot a'kummin furth frum innythang is a stark image. Fruit durin thishere seesen fer thems o'us who lif' n' colt'r climates is hard ta pitchure. Thishere is nairy t'ime fer new life. T' life we’ve see roun us hus dit, an' all mann'r o'a'livin thangs hus gone into hibernashun.
Wile all o'us lackly knoe Jesus wuz nairy born un Dec. 25, t'juxtaposishun o't' wint'r solstice an' t'hope an' new birth o'Advent is rath'r strikyun', particularlee considerin t'imagery n' Isaiah 11. Everthang here is goin agin t'grane. Ol' stumps an' roots have branches wiff much fruit. Youngns a'ken play near snakes. Lyuns air lyin down wiff lambs. T' natcherul ord'r o'thangs hus bee cus aside fer a peeceabull, harmoniyus, pasteral image.
Nairy onlee at, t'One Who is A'kummin will also subvert t'natcherul ord'r. Thay will nairy simplee ack an' move un whut thay a'ken see an' hear like we do; thay will have full knowledge o'whut justus an' righteousness will look like an' will ack accerdinglee. Isaiah sez t'One will “slay t'wickt” an' “wiff righteousness he will judge t'needy, wiff justus he will gif' decisyuns fer t'po'o't' earth.”
At which we air anticipatyun' will nairy look like whut we air spectin. T' One will nairy come n' t'form o'someone rich er powerfil, nairy us someone who will come wiff a swerd er t'scales o'justus, but us a youngn. Life us we knoe it will nairy be t'same. Isaiah futher emfasizes thishere by puntyun' a pitchure o'predater an' prey nairy onlee sheddin thar roles, but a'livin n' harmony. T' a'kummin o't' One meens at changes will happe, startin wiff new life a'kummin frum ol', daid, dermant matt'r.
Hoe hus air faith becum ol', daid er dermant ov'r t'seesen o'Ordinree Time? Air we turnin a blind eye ta injustice? Feel so hurt at we’ve becum numb? Have schedules overtake air time wiff luved ones an' thems who air n' net? Do we reat er watch er lissen ta t'noose an' wunder whut, if'n innythang, will change?
Isaiah’s imagery here is aimt rite at thems who net a wake-up call: t'One who is A'kummin will slay t'wickt, hep t'po'an' instill harmony an' peece us surelee us t'“waters cov'r t'sea.” Nairy onlee is t'revolushun o't' current ord'r n' t'han's o't' Anointid, it is also air responsibilty ta enact.
We air callt ta pray, ta witness, ta ack n' ways at brang about t'Kingdom Ord'r n' t'here an' nawh, a Kingdom Ord'r at starts wiff anticipashun. We anticipate, wait an' hope fer t'One Who is A'kummin, One who will be born n' a barn us a refugee ta unmarrit parnts who air a'skeert an' fur away frum trayler. Air we reddy fer a change? Air we reddy fer a revolushun?
Joanne Gallardo is paster o'faith fermashun at Berkey Avenue Mennonite Fellowship n' Goshe, Indiannie.

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