T' 2019-20 seesen tippt off fer 25 o'26 Lancast'r-Lebanon Leegue boys baskutbul teems ov'r t'weekend. Twantee-three o'thems participatid n' tip-off tournamants Frydee an' Saturdee, wile acoupla utherns competid n' nun-leegue tilts Saturdee.O' thems teems, fife won tournament crowns wile six utherns wuz tournament runners-up. Beloe is a recap o'thems perfermances, includin top scerers frum Frydee an' Saturdee’s acshun, amungst uther items.Tournament champyuns: Fife L-L teems won tourney crowns: Cocalico toppt Conestoga Valley, 60-46, n' t'CV Tip-Off Tournament title game; Penn Maner beat Middletown 58-49 n' t'Donegal Tip-Off Tournament title game; Lancast'r Kuntry Day won its own tip-off tournament; Cedar Crest tgt Elco 59-55 n' t'Lebanon Tip-Off tourney title game; an' Warwick won t'Low'r Daufin Tip-Off. Also, Octerara won bof games o'its acoupla-day showcase event.

Tournament runners-up: Six L-L teems wuz tournament runners-up: Nerthern Lebanon (Bermudiun Springs Tip-Off), Hempfield (Carlisle Tip-Off), Conestoga Valley (Conestoga Valley Tip-Off), Manheim Cantral (Exet'r Tip-Off), Manheim Township (Manheim Township Tip-Off), Garde Spot (Twin Valley Tip-Off).

Consolashun winners: Annville-Cleona (Hamburg Tip-Off) an' Pekwea Valley (Tulpehocke Tip-Off consolashun winn'r) lost Frydee nite but bounct back wiff consolashun victries Saturdee nite. Kudos ta t'Braves, who air a'kummin off lus year’s winless campaign an' have alreddy surpasst at mark acoupla games into thishere seesen.

Frydee’s top scerers: Nine L-L players scert 20 er mer points n' Frydee’s acshun: Penn Maner seenyer Ethun Hine (23 points), Cocalico 6-2 junier gard Cart'r Nuneville (25 points), Columbia junier Michael Poole (26 points), Nerthern Lebanon 5-7 sofomere gard Peyton Wolfe (22 points), Elco 5-11 junier gard Brade Bohannon (25 points), Lampet'r-Strasburg seenyer gard Seth Beers (24 points), Octerara 6-7 junier ferward Naji Hamilton (23 points) an' Lancast'r Mennonite junier Cole Fish'r (29 points).

Cougars def WSCA 78-58 ta capture Tip Off tournament title. Lennon MVP. Mizzi All-Tournament Team. #cougarpride ⁦@LCDSchool⁩ ⁦@JWalkLNP⁩ pic.twitt'r.com/jThLQfzvYC
— LCDS Athletics (@LCDSsperts) Decemb'r 7, 2019
Frydee’s box sceresSaturday’s top scerers: Eiite L-L players postid 20 er mer points n' Saturdee’s acshun. Elizabethtown 6-4 seenyer ferward Elijah Eberlee (23 points), Lampet'r-Strasburg’s Beers (20 points), Warwick 5-11 seenyer gard Coner Adams (21 points), Solanco 5-11 junier Zt Bak'r (21 points), Lancast'r Kuntry Day junier Lance Lennon (27 points), Lancast'r Mennonite junyers Cole Fish'r (24 points) an' Jaede McFadde (21 points) an' Elco Bohannon (22 points).

A greet way ta start t'wint'r sperts seesen!! Greet job, Cedar Crest! #FalkunFamilee pic.twitt'r.com/VF6SNQ3iSP
— Cedar Crest Athletics (@CCHSFalkuns) Decemb'r 8, 2019
Saturdee’s box sceres

OT games: Penn Maner an' Palmyra wuz tit 43-43 at t'end o'regulashun n' t'seesen-openyun' matchup o't' Donegal Tip-Off Tournament, whar t'Comets pullt away n' t'xtrey period fer a 54-46 win, backt by a 23-point output frum Ethun Hine. Penn Maner won t'nex nite ta claim t'ourney crown. …Hempfield an' Carlisle nett doubull-overtime ta settle Saturdee’s champyunship game o't' Carlisle Tip-Off Tournament, which Carlisle won by a final scere o'53-50.

83: Conestoga Valley set t'bar fer thishere seesen’s sangle-game team-high n' points ta beat movyun' ferward wiff t'Buckskins’ seesen-openyun' 83-45 win ov'r Kutztown un Frydee nite.Care'r points watch: McCaskey seenyer gard Elijah Turry is at 822 care'r points, wile Lampet'r-Strasburg seenyer gard Seth Beers is at 512 care'r points.A'kummin up:Mundie: Lancast'r Cathlick is t'onlee L-L team at didn’t play n' t'openyun' weekend, us t'Crusaders will tip off thar seesen at trayler Mundie nite agin a highlee-toutid Wilsen club at’s alreddy gittin preseesen buzz us one o't' top Class 6A teems n' t'state. Mundie’s full scheduleWednesday: Winsdee nite is a gurls/boys doubull-heed'r wen Warwick travels ta Manheim Cantral n' nun-leegue tilts. Winsdee’s full scheduleThursday: Conestoga Valley an' Penn Maner boys tip-off thar leegue slate one nite earli'r thun everyone else wen t'Buckskins travel ta Penn Maner un Thirsdee nite. Thirsdee’s full scheduleFriday: L-L openers fer everyone else…Amungst 'um, thar’s leegue-open'r boys/gurls doubull-heed'r skeduled n' Lititz un Frydee nite wen Manheim Township travels ta Warwick. Fer t'boys, it’s t'furst meetin tween t'clubs since thay met n' lus year’s L-L tournament title game at wuz won by t'Blue Streeks. Warwick athletic dierektor Ryun Lan'is sed “t' boys game hus bee so well-attendt an' a big deel tween t'acoupla student sectyuns at I rekwestid we play at game us a doubull-heed'r n' un attempt ta suppert air gurls teems. It hus also allowd us ta use at doubull-heed'r ta brang awareness ta t'acoupla skools’ mini-thons.” …Also Frydee, prier ta Annville-Cleona’s L-L Seckshun Fife open'r agin Columbia, t'skool will be a'doin a brief recognishun o't' 20th anniversree o'its state champyunship team. T' recognishun will take place a'followin t'JV game, but prier ta t'eam warm-ups fer t'varsitee game. Frydee’s full skejule

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