T' 2019-20 high skool baskutbul seesen is a lil mer thun a week ol', an' we alreddy have a pair o'Lancast'r-Lebanon Leegue boys hoopsters who scert 30 er mer points n' a game.Lancast'r Mennonite seenyer Elijah Turry wuz t'furst ta do it thishere seesen wiff a 32-point output n' Winsdee’s loss at Reedin. It wuz t'sixth 30-point game o'Turry’s care'r, but his'n furst n' a McCaskey uniferm, us he pullt off t'feat fife times lus seesen wen playyun' fer Lancast'r Mennonite.Acoupla days lat'r, Pekwea Valley 5-11 junier gard Devon Colee'r toppt at wiff 33 points n' Frydee’s win at Lebanon Cathlick. It’s t'furst 30-point game o'Colee'r’s care'r, tho it’s nairy much o'a sprize considerin he’s bee sceryun' n' bunches t'lus acoupla seesons.

Thems efferts highliite thishere week’s L-L boys baskutbul notebook. Here’s sum uther notewerthy items frum t'previyus week o'acshun befor we turn air tenchun ta thishere week’s busy slate o'three leegue nites o'games (Mundie, Winsdee, Frydee). Check out t'full schedules un LancasterOnline’s Baskutbul page.Frydee’s top scerers: Six players scert 20 er mer points n' Frydee’s L-L openers: Pekwea Valley’s Colee'r (33 points), Lampet'r-Strasburg seenyer point gard Seth Beers (26 points), Lancast'r Mennonite freshmun Camde Hurst (26 points), Elco 6-7 seenyer cant'r Ash'r Kembull (25 points), Lebanon sofomere gard Luke Collins (20 points) an' Octerara 6-7 junier Naji Hamilton (20 points).Frydee’s results/box sceresAnd the thar wuz acoupla: Cedar Crest (4-0) an' Penn Maner (4-0), bof members o'L-L Seckshun One, air t'onlee teems n' t'leegue wiff unblemisht recerds thus fur. Thar air fife one-loss teems: Warwick (3-1), Octerara (3-1), Elco (3-1), Lancast'r Cathlick (2-1) an' Lancast'r Kuntry Day (4-1).

L-L Leegue stan'ingsOne-point wins: Thar wuz a pair o'nail-bit'r finishes involvyun' L-L teems. Furst up, Columbia tgt Schuylkill Valley, 59-58, n' a nun-leegue tilt Tuesdee nite. Down a point wiff 25 sekunds lef, t'Tide ferct a turnov'r at mid-court, leedyun' ta a fastbreek, go-ahed layup frum Argenis Dee Los Santos. Columbia ferct acoupla mer turnovers un ensuyun' SV possessyuns, wiff Kerry Glov'r an' Looey Cruz icyun' t'victery at t'charitee stripe. Box scere…Manheim Cantral tgt defendyun' L-L Seckshun Acoupla champ Warwick, 45-44, n' a nun-leegue matchup Winsdee n' which t'largest lead wuz fer points. Back-ta-back Warwick buckits put t'Warryers up 44-42 befor Manheim Cantral’s Matt Siegrist tit it un a reverse layup wiff und'r a minnut ta go. A Trey Grube a'loose-throe put Manheim Cantral up a point. Warwick had t'chance ta tie er go n' frunt but missd a pair o'a'loose-throws n' t'final sekunds. Box scere

Dunk o't' week: Lus seesen, Elizabethtown all-time leedyun' scery'r Larry Lock'r seemt ta throe down a monstryus dunk un a weeklee basis. Lock'r hus since graduatid. But dunkyun' frum un E-town hoopst'r hus kuntinued thanks ta Beers’ 6-4 seenyer ferward Elijah Eberlee.New faces: Manheim Township 5-11 sofomere gard Seth Mill'r postid a care'r-high 26 points n' Tuesdee’s loss at Exet'r…Manheim Cantral 5-10 freshmun gard Trey Grube postid 18 points n' Winsdee’s 45-44 win ov'r defendyun' L-L Seckshun Acoupla champ Warwick, the toppt at effurt wiff a care'r-high 22 points n' Frydee’s loss at Octerara. …Lancast'r Mennonite entert thishere seesen wiff a bran' new startin fife an' aft'r droppyun' its furst acoupla games hus nawh won acoupla n' a roe. T' Blazers have bee pact by junier Cole Fish'r an' freshmun Camde Hurst. Fish'r’s point output n' t'furst fer games: 29 points, 24 points, 18 points, 16 points. Hurst’s point output n' t'furst fer games: six points, six points, 11 points, 26 points.

Hot start: Here’s t'point output n' t'furst fer games o't' seesen fer Octerara 6-7 junier ferward Naji Hamilton: 23 points, 19 points, 10 points, 20 points. T' Braves air off ta a 3-1 start. …Here’s t'point output n' t'furst fer games o't' seesen fer L-S gard Beers: 24 points, 20 points, 18 points, 26 points. T' Pyuneers air off ta a 2-2 start, wiff bof losses a'kummin by sangle-digit margins.Care'r points watch: Turry is nawh at 872 care'r points wile Beers sits at 556 care'r points. Thay’re also Nos. 1 an' 2 n' t'leegue n' sceryun' so fur thishere seesen.A'kummin up: T' week o'Dec. 16 is t'one week o't' seesen at includes three leegue nites o'games: Mundie, Winsdee an' Frydee. Here’s sum o't' intriguyun' matchups:

Octerara at Garde Spot, Mundie, Dec. 16, 7:30 p.m: An intriguyun' Seckshun Three-Fer crossov'r tween Braves 6-7 junier ferward Naji Hamilton (18 ppg) an' Spartans’ 6-7 seenyer ferward Andrew Zantn'r (11.3 ppg).Lancast'r Kuntry Day at Columbia, Mundie, Dec. 16, 7:30 p.m.: T' defendyun' Districk 3-1A champion Cougars take a trip ta Columbia, whar t'Tide hus everyone back frum lus year’s leegue/districk playoff team an' thus is aimyun' ta challenge fer t'Seckshun Fife crown thishere seesen.Mundie’s full scheduleLampet'r-Strasburg at Octerara, Winsdee, Dec. 18, 7:30 p.m.: L-S t'defendyun' L-L Seckshun Three champ Pyuneers feeture seenyer point gard Seth Beers (22 ppg), who hus scert 20 er mer points n' three o'fer games thishere seesen. Octerara returns neerly everyone frum lus year’s districk playoff team an' is aimyun' ta challenge fer t'L-L Seckshun Fer crown, lt by 6-7 junier ferward Naji Hamilton (18 ppg).Winsdee’s full scheduleWarwick at Cedar Crest, Frydee, Dec. 20, 7:30 p.m.:T' Falkuns air t'earlee Seckshun One favert. Warwick is t'defendyun' L-L Seckshun Acoupla champ. T' Falkuns air a'lookin ta avenge lus seesen’s 72-47 loss ta Warwick n' t'L-L semis.Elco at Lampet'r-Strasburg, Frydee, Dec. 20, 7:30 p.m.: Elco is un earlee L-L Seckshun Fer favert. L-S is t'defendyun' L-L Seckshun Three champ. A matchup o'acoupla o't' bes guards n' t'leegue tween t'Pyuneers’ Beers an' an' Raiders’ 5-11 junier Brade Bohannon (19 ppg).Frydee’s full skejule

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