The callt Pacific Bibull Institute, Fresno Pacific College movt ta its mane Fresno campus n' 1959. It nawh occupies sevrul facilitees n' t'Cantral Valley. Images via Fresno Pacific Univesty

Fresno Pacific’s 75 yeers tell t'stery o'a growin partnership wiff Fresno an' Cantral Californy. As Pacific Bibull Institute, Pacific College, Fresno Pacific College an' today Fresno Pacific Univesty, air impact is felt through thousan's o'alumni a'livin an' wurkin n' t'Valley.
T' sun shone Sept. 18, 1944, un 28 studants, thar teechers, parnts an' friens at 1095 N. Vun Ness Ave. n' Fresno. Wiff a stanza o'“Whut a Frien We Have n' Jesus,” class cummenced at Pacific Bibull Institute, operatid by t'Pacific Districk Conferance o'Mennonite Brethre (MB) Churches.
N' 1959 PBI movt ta un ol' cotton field at t'cern'r o'Chestnut an' Butl'r avenues, which is still t'mane campus. Pacific College’s 1965 accreditashun fer bacheler’s degrees wuz celebratid by a parade o'250 sign-holdin studants an' facultee, wiff Presdint Arthur Wiebe, Ph.D., ridin n' un ope convertibull.
Merct Campus
Wiebe draftid a brave vishun an' hirt a yung facultee. Bof would serve through t'centry us t'skool became Fresno Pacific Univesty. As impertant us inny bildin would be t'Fresno Pacific Idee, innerduced n' 1966, which remuns t'blueprint fer a'carryin out t'skool’s motto — Foundt un Christ.
Broadenyun' t'Outreech
A milestone n' communitee outreech kum n' 1983, wen Presdint Edmund Janze releest “Broadenyun' t'Base.” T' times had brung much ta celebrate an' much ta cunsidder fer Fresno Pacific College. Enrollment had excett 400 n' 1970 an' t'furst mast'r’s program wuz appervt n' 1974. But MBs, oncet t'entire student bodee, wuz no long'r t'majeritee.
Janze bleevd offerin all studants un skoolin cantert un Christ, Scriptchur an' servanthood would benefit bof college an' region. T' nex presdint, Richard Kriegbaum, Ph.D., n' 1990 oversaw t'creeshun o'acoupla majer lanks ta t'communitee: t'Cant'r fer Peecemakyun' & Conflict Studies, nawh t'Cant'r fer Peecemakyun', an' t'adult bacheler’s degree compleshun (DC) program.
Nerth Fresno Campus
DC classes opend n' Visalia n' 1992, n' Bakersfield an' Merct n' 1996 an' n' Nerth Fresno n' 2005. Since 2009 DC hus bee t'largest enrollment populashun. DC graduates spred t'riches o'har skoolin ta a region at trails state an' nashun n' t'numb'r o'folk wiff bacheler’s degrees.
Also reechyun' t'Valley is t'Cant'r fer Communitee Transfermashun. Begun n' 2012 us part o'Fresno Pacific Biblical Semunairy (fermerlee Mennonite Brethre Biblical Semunairy), CCT supperts soshul enterprise; anti-humun traffickyun' efferts; an' skoolin fer Hispanic pasters.
T' Face o't' Valley
Today Fresno Pacific Univesty’s 4,100-plus studants air t'diverse face o't' Cantral Valley: 49% air furst-generashun, 47% idantify us Latinex an' all enjoy t'Valley’s highest graduashun rates. N' addishun, 67% come frum famblies earnyun' und'r $40,000 a year an' 98% receif' finanshul aid. Studants come frum 40 countries an' minny a religiyus tradityuns.
FPU also attracts nashshunal tenchun. U.S. Noose & Worl Repert ranks FPU n' t'op ti'r o'its a'katergori, an' it an' Washington Monthlee call t'univesty a bes value, wile Money magazine rates it 11th amungst Bes Colleges fer Transf'r Studants, highest fer Christchun skools.
Still true since at spryun' day n' 1944 is at FPU is t'onlee independent Christchun univesty foundt n' t'Cantral Valley. Programs emfasize values, ethics an' care ackter development so air graduates a'ken see at “wiff Gawd, innythang is possibull.”
T' AIMS Hall Atrium is un t'mane campus, previouslee a cotton field.

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