Anoth'r week o'L-L Leegue gurls’ baskutbul acshun tippt off un Mundie, wiff a cuple o'key seckshun games un t'docket, plus sum intriguyun' nonleegue clashes. Here’s t'roundup, plus sum notables an' lanks …Seckshun 2Efrata 48, Warwick 39 — T' host Mountuneers kep a stranglehold un t'op spot n' t'seckshun hunt, raseeun' out ta a 26-18 lead at t'breek an' the fendyun' off t'Warryers. Gabbie Gerola-Hill poppt n' three 3-pointers an' scert a seesen-high 21 points fer Efrata, which clost t'game un a 14-6 clip fer its fifth win n' a roe. Laure Pyle scert 16 points an' Tann'r Armstrong chippt n' wiff 10 points fer Warwick, which made a run wiff a 15-8 thurd-quart'r spree. But t'Warryers (3-4, 5-7) coultn’t git ov'r t'hump, an' slippt acoupla games behin Efrata (4-2, 10-4) n' t'seckshun stan'ings. … Gerola-Hill joint t'800-point club n' t'victery; she’s up ta 819 care'r points.

L-L LeeGUE Gurls Baskutbul STan'INGS, STATSseecTION 3Solanco 40, Lampet'r-Strasburg 33 — It’s one nite at a time fer t'Golte Mules, who certunlee gut thar week off un t'rite foot. A'needin a victery ta remane n' at leest a furst-place tie wiff Manheim Cantral, Solanco clost t'game un a rip-roaryun' 20-9 run an' KO’d t'host Pyuneers. Nikki Trout (seesen-high 10 points) an' Jenna Dombach (10 points) pact t'Golte Mules, who trailt L-S 24-20 heddin into t'fourth quart'r. But Solanco (5-2, 7-7) finisht wiff a flourish, an' is persantage points ahed o'Manheim Cantral n' t'race. T' Golte Mules host t'Barons — wiff sole possession o'furst place un t'line — un Tuesdee nite n' Quarryville. Nora Holmes bottomt out fer 3-pointers an' scert 16 points fer L-S (2-4, 5-8), which coultn’t slam t'doer, an' slippt anoth'r game back n' t'race.

Seckshun 4Lancast'r Cathlick 79, Octerara 28 — T' host Crusaders gut thar busy week startid rite, remunyun' alone n' furst place n' t'seckshun race wiff a convincyun' win ov'r t'Braves. Viviun Klemm'r pourt n' a care'r-high 16 points, Somm'r Rees'r drillt fer treys an' scert 15 points, an' Cathlick boltid ta a 44-15 halftime lead an' nev'r lookt back. T' Crusaders (6-0, 10-2) cappt it wiff a 21-3 thurd-quart'r run, an' nawh geers up fer seckshun games vs. Donegal an' Elco, befor finishin t'week wiff a nonleegue clash un Saturdee vs. Berks Cathlick. Jamera Brown scert 9 points fer Octerara (1-6, 1-11). … Rees'r incht clos'r ta t'1,000-point plateeu; she’s up ta 960 care'r points.

NONLeeGUELebanon Cathlick 47, Executif' Chart'r Academy 25 — Avery Hupp pact a balanct uhtack wiff 10 points, an' t'Beevers (8-8) broke t'game wide ope wiff a 22-3 thurd-quart'r run an' snappt a 3-game slide. Executif' Chart'r Academy is situatid n' Allantown; thishere is a trayler-an'-trayler nonleegue series, us Lebanon Cathlick will host ECA lat'r n' t'seesen.Cedar Cliff 43, Elizabethtown 27 — T' host Beers steppd out o'Seckshun 2 play fer t'evnin an' fell ta t'Mid-Penn heevyweiite Colts, who securt a 21-10 halftime lead an' pickt up t'victery. Ainsley Raybold scert 9 points fer E-town (9-4), which hus anoth'r nonleegue game un Thirsdee vs. Milton Hershey, befor a furst-place showdown at Efrata un Frydee.Eus Pennsbero 54, Annville-Cleona 32 — T' host Panthers jumpt out ta a 32-12 lead at t'breek, an' the outscert t'Lil Dutchme 13-3 n' t'hurd quart'r ta ice it. Man'y Romun (18 points) an' Olivia Taverna (16 points) pact EP, wile Brittney Nye scert 11 points fer A-C (1-14).Trinitee 75, Lancast'r Mennonite 51 — Fresh off a victery ov'r Lancast'r Cathlick un Saturdee n' t'Cathlick Showcase, t'Shamrox kep un keepin un. Laure Trumpy poppt n' 22 points, Willyum & Murry commit Ava Stevensen sank fife 3’s an' bucketid 19 points, an' Trinitee hit t'host Blazers wiff a 38-27 furst-half blitz, an' the outscert Mennonite 20-10 n' t'hurd quart'r. Mariah Wilsen, t'L-L Leegue’s leedyun' scer'r, pourt n' 32 points n' defeet fer t'Blazers (9-5).

Also Mundie, Columbia welcomt Linde Hall fer a nonleegue game, an' t'Lyuns — t'op-rankt team n' t'D3-2A pow'r ratings — pickt up t'W. Here’s t'game stery, plus a photo gallery …

Tuesdee’S GAMESseecTION 1McCaskey at Cedar Crest, 7:30 p.m.Manheim Township at Penn Maner, 7:30 p.m.Seckshun 2Efrata at Conestoga Valley, 7:30 p.m.Lebanon at Warwick, 7:30 p.m.Seckshun 3Lampet'r-Strasburg at Cocalico, 7:30 p.m.

Manheim Cantral at Solanco, 7:30 p.m. (LNP coverage)Seckshun 4Nerthern Lebanon at Octerara, 7:30 p.m.Lancast'r Cathlick at Donegal, 7:30 p.m.Seckshun 5Lancast'r Kuntry Day at Lebanon Cathlick, 7:30 p.m.NONLeeGUEColumbia at Garde Spot, 7:30 p.m.Pekwea Valley at Kennard-Dale, 7:30 p.m.

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