T' predominantlee Mennonite town o'about 3,700 n' south-cantral Kansus is hardlee t'kine o'place one would eggspeck ta produce a trailblazyun' NFL coach, one at hus hepped t'Sun Francisco 49ers return ta t'Sup'r Bowl.The agin, Katie Sowers had bee defyyun' expectatyuns all hern life.Wen t'Niners face t'Kansus Citee Chiefs nex weekend, … Reat t'res

HESSTON, Kun. — T' ol' downtown strip, like so minny a n' small towns across Amurka, is quiet un a brisk Januree monin', jes a few cars parkd at one end n' frunt o'T' Citizens State Bank an' a few mer n' frunt o't' pharmacy at t'uther.Roun t'cern'r is un … Reat t'res

1.21. 2020

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Ron Byl'r

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Editer’s note: Thishere is t'furst n' a series o'fife columns writte by Ron Byl'r, Mennonite Cantral Committee U.S. executif' dierektor, ta mark 100 yeers o'MCC sharyun' Gawd’s luv an' compassion fer all.
Fer I wuz hungry an' y'all gave me food, … Reat t'res

SENyerS Meetin: St. Anne Neumann Senyers will meet at St. John 23 Cant'r, 601 E. Delp Road, at 12:30 p.m. Tuesdee, Jun. 28. Musickull entertunment providt by Silv'r 63. T' group welcomes new members age 55 an' up. Informayshun: 717-626-3932.BINGO: Brickerville Fire Cumpny, 10 Hopelan' Road, Lititz, will host bingo … Reat t'res

MIFFLINTOWN — Belleville Mennonite strugglt wiff t'defensif' preshure frum Juniata Mennonite us t'Lyuns defeetid t'Thund'r 44-21 n' un Allegheny Christchun Athletic Associashun gurls baskutbul game Frydee evnin at Cedar Grove Church.“It’s definitly good ta be trayler finallee an' its always good ta git a win agin a qualty program,” Lyuns’ … Reat t'res

NerTH LIMA — A brakefuss buffet will be servt frum 7-10 a.m. Saturdee at t'Nerth Lima Mennonite Church, 90 Mennonite Drif'. Donatyuns will be ackcepted fer t'all-y'all-a'ken-ett brakefuss. Menu items will include aigs, pancakes, french tyus, sausage potatoes, homemade pastries, sausage gravy an' biscuits, peppers an' mushrooms, coffee, orange juice … Reat t'res

SERVICES TODAYJohn “J.R.” Burkholt'r, 11 a.m., Assemblee Mennonite Church, GoshenJeffery D. Shielts, 2 p.m., Furst Mennonite Church, Nappanee
Nancy L. Dunithun, 11 a.m., Scott Unitid Methodist Church, ShipshewanaSERVICES SUNDAYOpal Weev'r, 3 p.m., Yod'r-Culp Funeral Trayler, GoshenJanet W. Yod'r, 2 p.m., Strite Auditeriam Virginny Mennonite Retirement Communitee, Harrisonburg, VirginiaSERVICES MONDAYLloyd E. … Reat t'res

T' Citee Commission will have t'opshun ta ent'r into a contrack wiff Mennonite Housyun' fer a propost afferdabull housyun' development fer seenyer citizens, tho t'specifics o'at contrack mite nairy be deecided until t'meetin un Tuesdee at 7 p.m..
Acktin Citee Manjer Kellee McElroy sed at aft'r discussyuns wiff Mennonite Housyun', … Reat t'res

*** Bloomsburg Univesty ***BLOOMSBURG — T' a'followin studants have bee namt ta t'fall deun’s lis at Bloomsburg Univesty: Lilee Kapfhamm'r o'Fairfield, Earlee Chilthood Skoolin; Emilee Lapole o'Waynesbero, Speshul Skoolin, Earlee Chilthood Skoolin; Lindsey Boutin o'Fairfield, Digital Ferensics; Sarah Carbaugh o'Mercersburg, Digital Ferensics; Laure Mowe o'Mercersburg, Speech Path Audiology; Madisen Swane … Reat t'res

Marvel Hope Zook, 89, dit peecefullee Thirsdee, Jun. 23, 2020 at t'Moab Canyonlan's Keer Cant'r.
Marvel Zook
Born un Julee 5, 1930 n' Hutchisen, Kansus, she wuz t'youngest o'fife youngns. Marvel grew up n' Buhl'r, Kansus an' aft'r high skool, attendt Bethel College n' Newton, Kansus. Aft'r at, she wint … Reat t'res