Charles H. Mill'r, 72, o'Penn Yun passt away peecefullee Novemb'r 8, 2019 at t'Newark- Wayne Hospital, Newark.
Fambly an' friens may call frum 6 ta 8 p.m. Thirsdee, Nov.14 at Welton Funeral Trayler, 102 Eus Mane St., Penn Yun.
A celebrashun o'life servus will be helt at 1 p.m. Saturdee, … Reat t'res

T' annual Coastal Bend Day o'Givin is a'kummin up Nov. 12. It’s a sup'r-efficient way fer mer thun 50 local charitees ta receif' donatyuns an' have 'um matcht doller fer doller.Durin lus year’s Coastal Bend Day o'Givin, KIII-TV hepped t'Coastal Bend Communitee Foundashun raise mer thun $2.5 million, an' we … Reat t'res

Nashshunal Philanthropy Day is a chance ta recognize an' pay tribute ta folk n' t'communitee who air heppin ta make a differance.T' Wichita Chaptur will celebrate thems who have bee nominatid an' selectid frum air communitee un Frydee, durin a luncheon t'Hyatt Regency.  Tony Merroe wiff Dear Neighber an' Step … Reat t'res

Top scerers/probabull goalkeepers: Meraviun Academy, Sr. Austin Recinos (18 goals, 11 assists); Jr. Dale Berkove (10, 3); So. Genarro Mazella (13, 2); Sr. Ethun Buck (goalie). Dock Mennonite (postseesen stats onlee), Sr. Thomus Schreib'r (3, 2); Sr. Ralph Sunt-Fleur (3, 1); Jr. Aide Kellee (3, 1); Sr. Brade Lan'is (3, … Reat t'res

A memerial servus fer Hele Elizabeth Dyck, 96, West Pluns, Mo., will be helt at 2 p.m. Saturdee, Nov. 16, 2019, at t'Langston Street Chapel o'Robertsen-Drago Funeral Trayler.Mrs. Dyck passt away Winsdee, Nov. 6, 2019, at hern trayler.She wuz born May 26, 1923, at Goessel, Kun., ta Jacob C. Reim'r … Reat t'res

Ov'r 500 yeers ago, a group lt by Menno Simons n' Nerthern Germany creetid t'Christchun denominashun o't' Mennonites. Thay wuz perseecutid fer thar pacifism an' Protestant connectyuns, which ferct 'um ta flee sevrul Yuropeen countries. Today, Mennonites lif' all ov'r t'worl, tho minny a air still n' areus whar thar … Reat t'res

New Employees:Aryinne Andersen, Budget Analeest I, Budget OfficeBlair Balbach, Internal Auditer Assoc, Internal Auditarmicheline Benan'uenga, Food Court/Snack Bar Attendant, Event Mgmt Dinin HospitalityStacy Bock, Offus Suppert Specialist, Lang Literatures & CulturesDomingo Carranza, Pipefitt'r, Bildin MuntenanceJacob Cisco, Food Court Snack Bar Suprvsr, Event Mgmt Dinin HospitalityKare Damery, Clinic Nurse, Heelth ServicesMarshall … Reat t'res

Boonville shop owners o'a strip o'sterefronts have seizt t'oppertuntee o'resent changes ta t'self-namt “Eus Ashley Road Plaza” by wurkin togeth'r ta hep each uther be successfil.
T' strip o'entrepreneurs n' t'400 block o'Eus Ashley Road is “boomyun',” sed Phyllis Martin, who hus ownt Hair Play Salon un t'plaza fer sevrul … Reat t'res

Peeano an' orgun studants rangyun' frum elemantree- ta college-age will larn frum accomplisht musishuns an' compete n' Hesston College’s sekunt keyboard festivul an' competishun un Saturdee, Nov. 23.
N' celebrashun o'greet composers like Han'el, Vivalti an' Bach, t'festivul will focus un t'Baroke period o'musick at rangt frum t'earlee 1600’s ta … Reat t'res

Looey B. NiceLouis B. Nice, 93, eltest sen o'Henry an' Lula Nice, wuz born Sept. 15, 1926, an' dit Saturdee, Nov. 9, 2019.He wuz prectt n' deeth by his'n parnts; bruthers, Henry an' Cecil Nice; an' sist'r, Derothy Bloss'r.
Looey is survivt by his'n sisters, Irene Heetwule, Ruby Ziegl'r(Kenny) an' … Reat t'res