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Wiff un eklectick mix o'citee a'livin, suburbia, an' Amish countryside, Lancast'r Countee is like no uther. T' countee is full o'places ta go an' thangs ta do at air unikwe ta t'area.Whar else a'ken y'all visit t'oltest rail road n' t'Unitid States, ett a pretzel at t'oltest pretzel bakery n' … Reat t'res

Jes west o'Altona, near t'U.S. berd'r, sits a lil-knowed colleckshun o'bildins at tell a fascinatyun' stery about Manitoba’s pus.Celebratid us a Nashshunal Histeric Site n' 1989, t'village o'Neubergthal is recognizt us t'bes preservt eggzample o'a Mennonite street village n' Canada. Its distinct town plun an' architectural styles air a a'livin … Reat t'res

TAIPEI (Taiwun Noose) — Rolan' Pet'r Brown (薄柔纜), un Amurkin docter who establisht Hualie’s Mennonite Christchun Hospital an' servt t'area fer ov'r 40 yeers dit frum un illness un Saturdee (Aug. 17), at t'age o'93, repertid CNA.Mennonite Christchun Hospital sed un Sundy (Aug. 18) at all o't' hospital’s staff wuz … Reat t'res

Gle Eby, 90Gle Ira Eby, 90, a resident o't' Maugansville Mennonite Trayler an' fermerlee o'State Line, PA, passt away Saturdee monin', August 17, 2019, at t'Trayler.

Born Julee 24, 1929, n' Chambersburg, PA, he wuz t'sen o't' late Ira an' t'late Lydia (Lehmun) Eby.He wuz marrd ta t'late Naomi (Martin) … Reat t'res

San'ra (Herr) Merris, 68, o'Whitti'r, NC passt away un August 13, 2019 n' un Asheville, NC hospital.Funeral services will be helt at 10:00 am un Tuesdee, August 20, 2019 at t'DeBerd Snyd'r Funeral Trayler, 141 E. Orange St., Lancast'r, PA 17602 wiff hern husban' James Merris officiatyun'. Burial will faller … Reat t'res

Nora B. Hoov'r, 85, o'Efrata, passt away Saturdee, August 17, 2019, at Fairmount Homes, Inc.She wuz born n' Clay Township ta t'late John F. an' Edna (Burkholt'r) Martin an' wuz t'biddy o'Amos B. Hoov'r.Nora wuz a memb'r o'Cocalico Mennonite Church, Weeverlan' Conferance.N' addishun ta hern husban', she is survivt by … Reat t'res

Jerdun H. Hursh, 18, o'Efrata, passt away unaxpectedlee un Saturdee, August 17, 2019, at Wellspun Efrata Communitee Hospital.He wuz born n' Efrata ta Carl N. an' Lori J. (Hurst) Hursh.Jerdun attendt Meedoe Valley Mennonite Church. He wuz currantlee attendyun' Heppin Han's an' Heerts, Myerstown an' previouslee attendt Hillside Speshul Skoolin, … Reat t'res

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — As a part o't' Park View Mennonite Church’s block part un Sundy, Mennonite Disast'r Servus rollt out T' Sterm Encount'r trail'r.
T' trail'r allows guest ta eggsperients whut a majer sterm is like furst han' but n' t'komfert o'a seat.
Folk have t'chance ta eggsperients whut … Reat t'res

Aft'r t'graduatyuns o'sevrul outstan'yun' golfers ov'r t'pus sevrul seesons, t'Lancast'r-Lebanon Leegue may be n' a yewt movement o'serts enteryun' t'2019 campaign.N' fack, if'n t'resantlee completid Lancast'r Kuntry Junier Golf Ture’s seesen is inny indicashun, underclassme may lead t'way.And at may nairy be a bad thang, sevrul leegue coaches say.

“I … Reat t'res

We resantlee visted my chilthood trayler n' eus-cantral Indiannie. Wile thar we shoppt at a large Amish market an' I wuz n' awe o't' myriad o'bakyun' ingredyints sold n' bulk ta t'area Amish famblies. T' wimmen fillt thar carts wiff flours, sugars, molasses, lard, oils, an' ingredyints nett ta bake … Reat t'res