An exceptyunal colleckshun o'Russiun Mennonite wall clox is un display thishere month at Mennonite Heritage an' Agricultural Museum n' Goessel.

T' oltest is datid 1822. Sevrul uther privatelee ownt clox also will be un display.

A Russiun Mennonite wall clock is a large, long pendulum wall clock drif' by weights, … Reat t'res

Hannah Peerl Utt us Rachel Gurn'r an' Je Tullock us Jackie n' Befor Y'all Knoe It. Courtesy o'Films We Like Befor Y'all Knoe It Directid by Hannah Peerl Utt Writte by Hannah Peerl Utt an' Je Tullock Starryun' Hannah Peerl Utt, Je Tullock, Judith Lite, Man'y Patinkin, Oona Yaffe an' … Reat t'res

Donald D. ReberNov. 12, 1925 – Sept. 16, 2019Donald D. Reb'r, 93, o'Goshe, Indiannie, passt away Sept. 16, 2019, at Greencroft Heelthcare. Don wuz born Nov. 12, 1925, un t'fambly farm n' Ruby ta Noah an' Cora (H'rshb'rg'r) Reb'r. Un June 16, 1946, he marrd Barbara K. Bend'r n' Milferd. … Reat t'res

Area sangers air invitid ta join Hesston College choirs ta syun' n' t'annual masterwerk performunts feeturyun' “Song o'Wisdom frum Ol' Turtle” by Joseph Martin un Saturdee, Nov. 16. Reheersals start Thirsdee, Oct. 3 frum 7 ta 9 p.m. at Hesston Mennonite Church.
“T' masterwerks performunts is a greet tradishun at … Reat t'res

T' Emma Schrock Puntyun' “Airyun' t'Quilts” is t'focal point o'a quilt at will be auctyunt at thishere Year’s Michyina Mennonite Relief Sale Quilt Aucshun along wiff apperximatelee 300 uther quilts. T' relief sale is skeduled fer Sept. 28 at t'Elkhart Countee Fairgrounds.
T' “Airyun' t'quilts” kyun'/quee-size quilt wuz designt by … Reat t'res

CLOSE Appalachiun State freshmun Oliv'r Wilsen-Cook (41) finisht 11th n' his'n furst college cross kuntry race August 30 n' Boone, Nerth Carolinie. (Photo: Tim Cowie Photografy)Campus Cern'r is un occasyunal feeture. If'n y'all knoe o'a local athlete competyun' n' college, email Patrick Hite at [email protected]' er tweet 'im @Patrick_Hite.Ferm'r Lee … Reat t'res

Un t'monin' o'Aug. 27, eiite o'us gathert n' a circle n' t'foy'r at Columbus (Ohio) Mennonite Church an' joint han's. We prayt fer a successfil monin'. We prayt fer strangth an' courage an' peece. The seve o'us hedded out t'doer an' drove ta t'Immigrashun an' Customs Enfercement offices n' LeVekwe … Reat t'res

Mennonite Cantral Committee, which hus its U.S. heedkwarters n' Akron, relies un mer thun 100 thrift steres n' U.S. an' Canada fer a majer pershun o'its annual suppert.
Fer t'mos resent fiscal year, t'steres contributid mer thun $15 million o't' $81 million spent annuallee un MCC’s global relief, development an' … Reat t'res

N' t'Jun. 9 column, T' Scribbl'r suggestid solvin t'“kniite’s ture”’ un a chessboard wuz “youngn’s play” fer Samuel S. Haltemun, t'brilleeint 19th centry scyintist an' linguist frum Lancast'r Countee.N' fack, Haltemun sweetid it out.A frien o'Franklin & Marshull College geosciences Professer Emeritus Rog'r Thomus discuverd a cuple o'Haltemun letters n' … Reat t'res

T' Dailee itemPOTTSVILLE — Sadie Komara scert acoupla goals an' assistid un acoupla utherns ta lead Shamokin ta a 4-0 nonkunferance victery ov'r Nativitee un Tuesdee.Komara scert bof hern goals n' t'furst half fer Shamokin, which also gut goals frum Madisen Lippay an' Suzy Long.Shamokin 4, Nativitee 0Furst halfS-Sadie Komara, … Reat t'res