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Edna H. Weil'r, 87, o'Manheim, passt away un Januree 17, 2020. She wuz born n' Churchtown ta t'late John M. an' Lena (Hernyun') Martin, an' wuz marrd ta Harvey M. Weil'r fer 64 yeers until his'n deeth n' 2017. Edna wuz a homemak'r an' a memb'r o'Lime Rock Mennonite Church, … Reat t'res

Sundy’s event endt wiff t'showyun' o'part one o't' fer-part docuseries, “400 Yeers Lat'r… ‘a'loose-ish,'” which is a part o't' HBCU (Histericallee Black Colleges an' Universitees) Sterytellers Projeck. T' docuseries reseerches t'arrival o't' furst Afrikan slaves n' 1619, wile also expleryun' t'racial inekwalitee n' Amurka at still exists 400 yeers lat'r. … Reat t'res

By: Don Rebel

Sundy, Januree 19, 2020 | 8:37 PM

Thar wuz acoupla big tests un t'Woodlan' Hills gurls baskutbul team’s midterm repert.
T' Wolverines passt bof, earnyun' un A-plus an' sittin un t'op o't' Seckshun 3-5A honer roll.
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HARRISONBURG, Va. — T' Eastern Mennonite Univesty hostid event brung togeth'r communitee members ta reflect un t'pus an' honer t'wurk an' legacy o'Martin Luth'r Kyun' Jr.

Nairy minny a seets wuz lef ope n' t'Simms Cant'r auditerium. | Credik: WHSV

Thar wuz few seets lef ope n' t'auditerium o't' Lucy … Reat t'res

Parishyuners frum a Mennonite church n' Abbotsferd hepped mark a centry o'outreech by makin quilts fer folk n' net. Thay spent Saturdee at t'Ross Road Communitee Church participatyun' n' whut’s callt t'Greet Wint'r Warm Up — un internatyunal effurt ta make 6,500 han'made comferters fer folk affectid by conflict an' … Reat t'res

Q. Humans air helt responsibull fer declines an' extinctyuns o'minny a plants an' animulls. Today’s “successfil” conservashun efferts air ofte programs designt ta aid n' t'recovery o'specees' we have drif' ta t'edge o'existance. Aside frum domestic animulls an' agricultural er herticultural plants, a'ken humans be creditid wiff t'survival o'inny specees' … Reat t'res

LA GRANGE, Taxus — Aug. 2017, La Grange wuz und'rwat'r. Aft'r much anticipashun, Sekunt Chance Emperium, a resale shop n' t'own, opend t'doers ta its new bildin un Frydee.Hurrikune Harvey floodt mos o't' town, fercyun' minny a ta look fer hep at Sekunt Chance. T' shop hepped n' inny way … Reat t'res

Public invitid ta VFW evantsGOSHEN — Veterans o'Forn Wars Post 985, 1201 W. Pike St., invites t'public ta ett an' join n' sevrul upcomyun' evants thishere week.Burgers will be servt frum 4 ta 8 p.m. today. Cost is $2.
Un Winsdee, diners may ord'r frum t'menu frum 5 ta 7 … Reat t'res

T' event wuz part o'a Nerth Amurkin drif' ta make 6,500 comferters n' one day. Lus year, MCC shippt 53,000 o'um ta 13 differnt countries. 

Stax o'dozens o'multicolourt, han'made comferters lint t'wall o't' West Pertal Church gymnasium Saturdee, us han's wuz hard at wurk ta have thousan's o'um completid by … Reat t'res