Elmwuod is t'cantre o't' media universe fer milleeuns o'folk roun t'worl.T' Winnipeg neighbourhood is trayler ta Skware One Worl Media Inc., which produces 15 Christchun programs n' fife langwages at air un mer thun 2,000 TV an' radeeo statyuns globallee, along wiff online streemyun' an' soshul media.“Whut happens n' these … Reat t'res

GOSHEN [mdash] Moses Beechy, 94, Goshe, dit Saturdee. Visitashun is 2 ta 4 p.m. Sundy, Sept. 22, fallerd by a 4:30 p.m. Celebrashun o'Life servus at Eus Goshe Mennonite Church, Goshe. Mill'r-Stewart Funeral Trayler, Middlebury, is han'leeun' arrangemants.

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Maurice is survivt by his'n biddy, Murry, thar youngns, Glenn M. (Lise) Graves o'West Palm Beech, FL; an' Marsha S. (Stanley) Jerdun o'Palmyra; his'n gran'chiltre, Daniel, Wesley (Brooke), Aleesha, Ethun, an' Olivia; his'n greet gran'daught'r, Abigail; his'n sisters, Peerl Klost'r o'Raleigh-Durham, NC; Deris (Frt) Bingle o'Casterlan'; Murry (Lore) Fish'r o'Vancouv'r, … Reat t'res

1. Lay sum tracksWhile Gran Cantral startid a push resantlee ta seek mer grant fundyun', one uther way t'seenyer cant'r is a'lookin ta generate mer fiscal stabilitee is through mer focussd, larg'r fundraisyun' evants. At lt ta t'creeshun o't' inaugural Barrick an' Kristi Wilsen A'layin Trax Gala, which will be … Reat t'res

Sep 16, 2019 at 12:17 PM

Maxine F. Yost, 93, dit Frydee (Sept. 13, 2019) at Moundridge Maner n' Moundridge. She wuz born Sept. 27, 1925, n' Michigun, t'daught'r o'Glenn an' Ella (Harms) Litwill'r.
She wuz unitid n' marriage ta Glenn H. Unruh un Feb. 27, 1980.  He dit … Reat t'res

T' state o'New York wonts ta rekwire private skools ta mirrer public skool skoolin an' nawh a predictabull legal clash is und'r way ov'r at deman'.

Californy-bast Pacific Justus Institute is represantyun' ultra-Orthodocks Jewish parnts an' rabbis n' T' Empire State ov'r t' Dept. o'Skoolin pushin ta make private skools … Reat t'res

State officials moniter satellite reedings at shoe changes ta ferest cov'r frum t'previyus fife days. Thay a'ken also shoe trenches bein dug n' preparashun fer illegal burnin, n' which case officials will travel ta t'area an' investigate.
T' threet o'development
Becawz farmyun' is such un arduyus task wen done manuallee, … Reat t'res

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — Eastern Mennonite Univesty wuz rankt amungst t'Sierra Club’s ‘Cool Skools’ bast un thar commitment ta environmantalism an' sustunabilitee. T' univesty hus bee wurkin toward solar energy innovashun, includin a solar projeck at expan't EMU’s solar capacitee by 65%. Studants have also wurked un fife campus gardens … Reat t'res

2 min reedPostid Septemb'r 16, 2019
Lebanonyins who air bargane hunters, vintage clothyun' lovers, seekers o't' ol', unusual an' odd, er jes plane thriftee, probly knoe Jubilee Ministries, t'ol' industrial bildin at 12th an' Warnit Streets.

Thay may have droppt off unwantid items at t'stere’s South 12th Street loadyun' dock … Reat t'res