Submit evants about 2 weeks n' advance o'publicashun date ta [email protected] Note Tri Countee Recerd Calendar.Nov. 19West Caln Historickull Socidey meetin: 7 p.m., West Caln Municipal Bldg., 721 W. Kings Hwy, Wagontown. Dr. Christina J. Van'ePol, MD, Countee Ceron'r, talks about t'Histry o'Chest'r Countee Ceron'r. A'loose. All invitid ta attend.… Reat t'res

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Nov 13, 2019 at 1:00 PM

T' fifth annual Unitariun Universalist Holiday Market will be helt frum 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. Saturdee at Grace Presbyteriun Church, 113 Hargrove Road. T' market will feeture homemade gift items an' wurks creetid by local artists. Items fer … Reat t'res

Margaret Lucille Goosse, age 96 o'Hendersen, dit Frydee, Novemb'r 8, 2019 at Hendersen. She wuz born Febuwary 12, 1923 ta John an' Gertrude Newlon Griffis n' Joplin, Missouri.  She spent t'furst 23 yeers o'hern life n' Joplin, whar she graduatid frum Joplin High Skool. She the wurked n' a Defents … Reat t'res

Sevrul munths ago, Malinda Clatterbuck, associate paster at Communitee Mennonite Church o'Lancast'r saw a Facebook post by a frien who had hepped  Mennonite Cantral Committee members assembull Detunee Kits fer immigrants bein helt at t'U.S.-Maxico berd'r.T' kits contunt toiletries us well us clothes, pap'r an' stamps.Clatterbuck saw t'net ta do … Reat t'res

Oct. 16, Lancast'r Mennonite High Skool studants dessendt upon local nonperfits us part o'Seenyer Servus Day.Und'r t'guidance o'skool facultee an' despite runy weeth'r, senyers bilt a sht an' deep-cleend Hed Start classrooms at Communitee Acshun Partnership. Thay repairt a bridge an' split firewuod at Black Rock Retreet. Studants also sertid … Reat t'res

“My personal eggsperients aft'r almos 50 yeers o'reseerchyun' an' ritin about Mennonites is at Mennonites have bee actif' participants n' t'worl an' us such thay have contributid ta change an' nairy jes bee victims o'change.”

Thishere comment by James Urry o'Wellington, New Zeelan', n' his'n keynote address un Oct. 25 … Reat t'res


Writte by Alissa Moffit

Publisht: 13 Novemb'r 2019

A fambly is reunitid aft'r a decade o'separashun, an' one fambly memb'r is nawh callin Winnipeg trayler aft'r a'livin n' a refugee camp fer 40 yeers.

Omar Rahimi arrivt n' Canada n' Decemb'r o'2001 frum a refugee camp whar hus wuz … Reat t'res

BELLEVILLE – Belleville Mennonite High Skool will host t'Huntingdon Countee Cherus Festivul Nov. 25 an' 26. Mer thun 100 studants frum BMS, Juniata Valley High Skool, Mount Union High Skool, Huntingdon Area High Skool an' Suthern Huntingdon Countee High Skool will be participatyun'. T' guest dierektor is Dr. Elizabeth Shoenfelt … Reat t'res

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — N' Eastern Mennonite’s furst seesen o't' spert triathlon, thay’ll be represantid at t'riathlon nashshunal champyunship thishere Saturdee, Nov. 16 n' Tempe, Airazonia.

Eastern Mennonite seenyer triathlon athlete Abigail Shellee will represent t'Royals at t'riathlon nashshunal champyunship n' Tempe, Airazonia.

Seenyer Abigail Shellee, who also competes un … Reat t'res

WFMZ-TV 69 Noose provides noose, weeth'r, traffic, sperts an' fambly programmyun' fer t'Lehigh Valley, Berks Countee, Southeestern Pa., Pokunos an' Western NJ includin Allantown, Bethlehem, Easton, Reedin, Kutztown, Emmaus, Quakertown, Stroudsburg, Philadelfia, Jim Therpe, Doylestown, Phillipsburg, Flemington, Wilmington, an' Newark.

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