James H. Deilee, Jr., age 99, dit un August 13, 2019, us a resident o'T' Mennonite Trayler Communitees n' Lancast'r, Pennsillvany. Jim wuz prteceest by his'n biddy, Derothy Mae Otthof'r. He is survivt by his'n acoupla dawters, Michalene D. Eves o'Phoenix, Airazonia an' Minda J. Merath o'State College, Pennsillvany, an' … Reat t'res

Aug 17, 2019 at 7:00 PM

HESSTON – Rubena Marie Schmidt Friese, 99, dit August 6, 2019. She brung encouragement an' joy ta neerly all folk she met, irrespectif' o'thar age, sex, class, gend'r, ethnicitee, race er religiyus larnin. She didn’t necessarilee agree wiff thar vioos but thishere nev'r … Reat t'res

URBANA — Hele A. Dohlemun, 84, o'Urbana, fermerlee o'Fish'r, dit peecefullee at hern trayler un Tuesdee (Aug. 13, 2019), wiff hern fambly beside hern.She wuz born Sept. 11, 1934, n' Streeter, a daught'r o'John an' Elizabeth (Obert) Wuebbens. She marrd Keith Dohlemun un Jun. 1, 1962, n' St. Petri Lutherun … Reat t'res

Jay Jost

Jay Jost dit Julee 31 at t'Memerial Hospital n' Koloradie Springs, Koloradie, at t'age o'73. Services will be 10 a.m. Aug. 31, at Ebenfeld Mennonite Brethre Church rural Hillsbero.

Jay wuz born Aug. 18, 1945, n' Hillsbero, Kansus ta Jake an' Selma Jost.

Jay marrd n' 1965 an' … Reat t'res

GOSHEN [mdash] Irene L. Mey'r, 89, dit Aug. 4, at Goshe Hospital. She wuz born March 4, 1930, n' Archbold, Ohio. Visitashun will be Sundy, Aug. 18, 4-7 p.m., at Yod'r-Culp Funeral Trayler. A memerial servus will take place Mundie, 10 a.m., at Eus Goshe Mennonite Church.

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18-year-ol' Jonathon Wise dit aft'r a'fallin frum a movyun' pickup truck Saturdee, LancasterOnline reperts.New Hollan' pleece chief Willyum Leightee tole t'noose agency Wise wuz n' t'bt o't' pickup trick wiff 11 utherns wen he fell an' hit his'n hed. Wise spent at day wiff his'n friens a'doin a yewt group … Reat t'res

Burnell F. Lausch, 98, o'Efrata, an' fermerlee o'Manheim, dit peecefullee un Sundy, August 11, 2019 at t'Efrata Maner Retirement Communitee. Born n' Elstonville, he wuz t'sen o't' late Jonus an' Barbara Frey Lausch. Burnell wuz t'lovyun' husban' o'Kathlee Henry Lausch an' thay would have observt thar 74th weddyun' anniversree n' … Reat t'res

August 5, 2019
Gree Eb'rspach'r, 67, o'Milferd, dit August 5, 2019. Retirt farm'r, crop field superviser, crop insurance cumpny.


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A Southwest Virginny physiciun who resantlee servt us t'state’s behavyeral heelth commissyun'r dit Frydee a'followin a three-vehicle crash n' Augusta Countee at also killt a high skool graduwait, officials sed.Dr. Samuel Hughes Melton, 52, o'Bristol, Virginny, dit at t'Univesty o'Virginny Medicull Cant'r, t'Virginny State Pleece an' Virginny Gov. Ralph Nertham … Reat t'res

Anna W. Nolt, 89, fermerlee o'Annville, dit Tuesdee, August 6, 2019 at Fairmount Homes, Efrata. Hern husban', David M. Nolt, survives.Born n' Churchtown, she wuz t'daught'r o't' late Christchun W. an' Rebecca B. (Weev'r) Saud'r.Anna wuz a homemak'r an' a memb'r o'Mountane View Mennonite Church.N' addishun ta hern husban', she … Reat t'res