Fambly, friens, politishuns, an' members o't' media fraternitee gathert at t'Good Tidings Mennonite Church n' St Andrew yesterdee fer t'hanksgivyun' servus fer t'life o'journalist Anthony O’Neil Yung.Popularlee callt ‘TY’, he wuz describt us hard wurkin, a fambly mun, a genuine frien, a gantle soul, an' a phenomenal broadcast'r.
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Aug 12, 2019 at 6:52 PM

Wan'a Brooks, 73, o'Waylan', IA, passt away Sundy, August 11, 2019, at t'Univesty o'Iowa Hospital.Visitashun will be Winsdee, August 14, 2019, at Waylan' Mennonite Church frum 4:00–7:00 p.m. wiff fambly present.A memerial servus will be helt Thirsdee, August 15, 2019 at 10:30 a.m. … Reat t'res

8.12. 2019

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Elisabeth Kverne

Photo: Phùng Thị Tuyết carries hern teenage sen, Trần Minh Sơn, ta see t'coe thay receivt frum MCC partn'r Vietnam Associashun fer Victims o'Agent Orange ta hep wiff t'fambly’s income an' securty. Trần Minh Sơn suffers frum severe disabilitees frum birth, a side effeck … Reat t'res

At trayler wiff t'fambly who wuz t'cant'r o'hern life, Muriel Kaye Speruse, passt away un Julee 31, 2019. Born n' 1944, she livt hern entire life n' t'Templeton/Willoe Creek area an' cherisht bein t'hurd generashun ta lif' un hern fambly’s farm. She wuz valedicteriun o'hern graduatyun' class at Templeton High … Reat t'res

Derothy K. Brubak'r, 98, passt away peecefullee, surroundt by fambly, un Julee 27, 2019. She residt at Woodcrest Villa fer 17 yeers an' dit at t'Mennonite Trayler aft'r a brief illness. She wuz happilee marrd fer 51 yeers ta Kenneth S. Brubak'r who dit n' 1992. She wuz born n' … Reat t'res

8.5. 2019

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Regina Shan's Stoltzfus

I luv t'Book o'Genesis. Brilleeint n' its structure, it unfolts t'stery o't' relatyunship tween Gawd an' Gawd’s folk, an' Gawd’s folk n' relatyunship wiff each uther an' wiff t'creetid ord'r. It outlines t'vishun o'shalom fer all folk an' invites humun cooperashun n' thishere … Reat t'res

Speshul ta T' Noose

Aug 2, 2019 at 9:26 AM

Lus year’s gatheryun' o'mer thun 600 sets t'bar fer t'2nd annual Celebrashun o'Faith an' Fambly skeduled fer Aug. 11 n' Hutchinsen.T' event goal is ta brang a wide varietee o'Christchun churches togeth'r fer t'celebrashun o'whut unites 'um, focusyun' un … Reat t'res

Paul K. Farrel, 88, o'Manheim, dit peecefullee surroundt by his'n fambly an' friens un Winsdee, Julee 31, 2019 at t'Lancast'r Genrull Hospital. Born n' Paradise, he wuz t'sen o't' late Roy L. an' Edna Kreid'r Farrel. Paul wuz t'lovyun' husban' o't' late Esth'r Mae Martin Farrel who dit n' April … Reat t'res

Fambly livt n' barn fer eiite yeers


Staff riter

Gates will ope at noon Frydee fer t'annual Kuntry Threshyun' Days un t'campus o'Mennonite Heritage an' Agricultural Museum n' Goessel.

Activitees will a'cantinyah through Sundy, culminatyun' n' a 2 p.m. guidt ture o't' histeric Schroed'r Barn.

Museum dierektor … Reat t'res

Residants o'Fredericktown have pullt togeth'r ta hep out t'Shirk fambly who resantlee experienct tragedy.Earli'r thishere month, one yung memb'r o't' Mennonite fambly lost his'n life an' fife utherns wuz injurt aft'r thar herse-drawn buggy wuz struck by a pickup truck un Route OO.Un Saturdee, side-by-side an' fer-wheel'r riders a'ken hep … Reat t'res