18-year-ol' Jonathon Wise dit aft'r a'fallin frum a movyun' pickup truck Saturdee, LancasterOnline reperts.New Hollan' pleece chief Willyum Leightee tole t'noose agency Wise wuz n' t'bt o't' pickup trick wiff 11 utherns wen he fell an' hit his'n hed. Wise spent at day wiff his'n friens a'doin a yewt group … Reat t'res

Phineus M. Yod'r, 87, o'6107 Met'r Rd., Kensington, OH dit Saturdee evnin, Aug. 3, 2019 at Mercy Medicull Cant'r n' Canton, OH aft'r a brief illness.
He wuz born Sept. 24, 1931 at Cochranton, PA ta Valantine an' Murry (Mill'r) Yod'r.
Un Novemb'r 7, 1954 he wuz unitid n' marriage … Reat t'res

Que'r fun-favert Carlee Rae Jepse perferms n' Houston thishere Saturdee.
Thirsdee, Aug. 1
• Un Thirsdee at 6 p.m. an' Saturdee at 10 a.m., t'Trans-Legal Aid Clinic will be at t'Montrose Cant'r assistyun' trans folks n' gittin thar names an' gend'r markers updatid un legal documants. Mer info here. 
• … Reat t'res

March 17, 1936 – Julee 27, 2019Moses Leroy “Moe” Mus, passt away Saturdee, Julee 27, 2019 at age 83 aft'r un extendt illness.He wuz born n' Conway Springs, Kansus ta Chriss J. an' Lena (Nissley) Mus. At age te, his'n fambly movt ta t'Kalona, Iowa area. T' youngest o'six youngns, … Reat t'res

T' BackStoppers Falln Heroes Ride is returnyun' Saturdee ta t'Parklan' fer its sevanth year o'raisyun' funds fer t'famblies o'emergency responders who die n' t'line o'dooty.T' event kick offs at 10 a.m. Saturdee at Midwest Sperts n' Farmington wiff registrashun cummencin at 9 a.m.Accerdyun' ta Sheri Pratt, Midwest Sperts servus adviser/event … Reat t'res

Phyllis Javene Schnuelle Engelmun, 88, o'Janse passt away un Saturdee Julee 27, 2019. She wuz born un Novemb'r 3, 1930 at t'Mennonite Hospital n' Beetrice ta Frank Henry Schnuelle an' Leona Gertrude Petsch Schnuelle. She wuz baptizt un Novemb'r 27, 1930 by Rev. P.S. Kohl'r at Hope Evangelical an' Refermt … Reat t'res

IROkwuIS — T' streets o'Irokwuis wuz fillt wiff teems o'furst responders Saturdee monin', altho t'skies wuz clar an' t'sun promissd a wunderful – if'n warm – summ'r day.Whut wuz takin place wuz a ternado exercise, managt by Cindy Bau, t'Emergency Manjer fer Kingsbury Countee.T' ssene wuz a simple one. A … Reat t'res

Anthony T. Arcudi, 87, o'Lancast'r, passt away un Saturdee Julee 27, 2019 at t'Mennonite Trayler. Born n' Lancast'r, he wuz t'sen o't' late Carmelo an' Annuziata (Monti) Arcudi. He wuz marrd fer 60 yeers ta Murry Ann (Caterbone) Arcudi, who passt away n' 2014.Tony grew up n' Lancast'r an' graduatid … Reat t'res

Eggsperients a virtual reelitee ternado thishere weekend  Wichita EagleOn Saturdee an' Sundy t'Mennonite Disast'r *Servus* will ope thar Sterm Encount'r mobile multi-sensery theet'r ta t'public. Participants will eggsperients …

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Justin Briun Bals'r, 38, o'Lyndhurst, passt away un Saturdee, Julee 20, 2019. He wuz born un Julee 2, 1981, a sen o'Richard an' Gleria (Plumm'r) Bals'r. Justin wuz employt us a grounds keep'r fer t'Citee o'Waynesbero. N' addishun ta his'n parnts, survivers include a sen, Nolun Hunes; bruther, Christof'r Bals'r; … Reat t'res