SOUDERTON — Three studants frum Eastern PA have receivt Everance college scholarships fer t'2019-2020 academic year.T' local recipyints air:• Evun Delp o'Telferd (Calvree Church n' Souderton), who receivt a $1,000 skolarship ta pursue a degree at Univesty o'South Carolinie Honers College.• Justin Burkholt'r o'Dublin (Deep Run Eus Mennonite Church n' … Reat t'res

8.12. 2019

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Everance® is honeryun' 42 studants wiff scholarships fer t'2019-20 academic year.
Mer thun 220 studants frum across t'kuntry applit fer scholarships—a benefit o'bein un Everance memb'r—fer t'a'kummin skool year. T' numb'r o'applicatyuns toppt lus year’s total by mer thun 60. Everance also increest t'amounts o't' … Reat t'res

N' un effurt ta attract mer studants who do nairy idantify us Mennonite er Anabaptist, Iowa Mennonite Skool is confrontyun' a shrinkyun' enrollment by a'changin its name. Iowa Mennonite Skool studants Eli Ourn, Blake Bontrag'r an' Aaron H'rshb'rg'r test t'aciditee o'a vinegar-wat'r base wiff teechur Mark Mill'r, rite. — Iowa … Reat t'res

T' Rotree Club o'Paradise May high skool Studants o't' Month wuz Joshua Griel, o'Conestoga Valley; an' Noah Schnabel, o'Lancast'r Mennonite; an' Clara Neff, o'Pekwea Valley. All three, who will be senyers thishere fall, wuz recognizt us out outstan'yun' studants recommendt by t'skool’s guidance department, principal er facultee un t'basis o'signifikunt … Reat t'res

Aft'r acoupla yeers lockt up an' dermant, t'ferm'r Hopi Misshun Skool n' Kykots­movi, Ariz., is agin servin studants. Nawh knowed us Peece Academic Cant'r, t'facilitee hus a few finishin touches ta go befor it officiallee opens Aug. 14. T' ferm'r Hopi Misshun Skool, nawh Peece Academic Cant'r, is set ta … Reat t'res