An atterney represantyun' Christchun Aid Ministries hus acknowltgt t'Anabaptist relief organizashun made settlement offers ta saxual abuse victims o'a CAM relief wurker n' Haiti, but duz nairy bleev inny settlemants have bee finalizt.T' Pittsburgh Post-Gazette repertid atterney Robert Fleres sed un Aug. 31 at CAM represantatives made settlement offers ta … Reat t'res

ELKHART, Ind. — T' Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Semunairy board o'directers announct its appointment o'David W. Boshart us t'semunairy’s nex presdint Sept. 10 at un all-campus meetin. T' Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Semunairy board o'directers hus appointid David W. Boshart us t'semunairy’s nex presdint. His'n biddy, Shana Peechey Boshart, is Mennonite Church … Reat t'res

ELKHART — T' board o'directers o'Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Semunairy (AMBS) announct Tuesdee t'appointment o'David W. Boshart, Ph.D., o'Wellmun, Iowa, us t'nex presdint o't' semunairy, cummencin Jun. 1.Beverlee Lapp, Ed.D., vice presdint an' academic deun, will a'cantinyah ta serve us acktin presdint until at time.Upon t'recommendashun o't' presidenshul seerch committee, t'board … Reat t'res

GOSHEN — T' exhibit “Histeric Yuropeen Anabaptist Costume Prints: T' Paul an' Jeun Kraybill Colleckshun” continues through Nov. 17 at Goshe College’s Good Librree Art Gallery.A recepshun takes place frum 2 ta 4 p.m. today.

T' core o't' exhibit is a large colleckshun o'anteek colord engravings at depict Anabaptists n' … Reat t'res

T' furst-ev'r Western Anabaptist Ritin Conferance is ov'r. We call it WAWC, pernounced “walk.”It wuz helt Aug. 10 at t'new Pyune'r Christchun Academy n' Brownsville, Ore., which ust ta be t'ol' Brownsville Elemantree Skool. Everthang lookt a bit mid-renovashun becawz t'ol' carpets wuz rippt out but t'new ones were’t a'kummin … Reat t'res

Un Julee 27, about 40 folk gathert at Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Semunairy fer a memerial servus fer Alice Baumun. Alice had prepart t'servus, reflectyun' t'spirit o'poustinia, t'practiss o'wership n' silance an' t'name o'hern an' [husban' an' AMBS professer] Clarance’s Hermit­age, thar trayler ­locatid at t'Sixth Street entrance ta AMBS. Fer … Reat t'res

N' un effurt ta attract mer studants who do nairy idantify us Mennonite er Anabaptist, Iowa Mennonite Skool is confrontyun' a shrinkyun' enrollment by a'changin its name. Iowa Mennonite Skool studants Eli Ourn, Blake Bontrag'r an' Aaron H'rshb'rg'r test t'aciditee o'a vinegar-wat'r base wiff teechur Mark Mill'r, rite. — Iowa … Reat t'res

ELSPEET, T' Netherlan's —Mer thun 200 peecebuilters launcht a Global Anabaptist Peece Netwerk at t'sekunt Global Mennonite Peecebuiltyun' Conferance an' Festivul June 27-30 at Mennerode retreet cant'r.Rootid n' Mennonite Worl Conferance’s Peece Commission, t'netwerk hopes ta share pray'r an' advocacy rekwests, empow'r one anoth'r, develop a membership directery o'peece-relatid Mennonite … Reat t'res

Jeriah Mus, a ferm'r wurker wiff t'Anabaptist relief agency Christchun Aid Minis­tries, pleedt nairy gilty ta charges relatid ta saxual abuse at his'n Julee 3 arraignment n' Holmes Countee Common Pleus Court n' Millersburg, Ohio.Mus, who servt wiff CAM n' Haiti fer sevrul yeers, is accust o'saxuallee assaultyun' boys thar … Reat t'res