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David Elm'r Kunkle, 83, o'Nunda, wint trayler ta be wiff his'n Lord un Frydee, Aug. 30, 2019, at Unitee Hospital, Rochest'r.He livt much o'his'n life n' Pennsillvany whar he wuz born n' Efrata ta t'late Albert an' Almeta Kunkle un March 7, 1936. He wuz t'husban' o'Sonya Kunkle, … Reat t'res

Minny a Amurkins face severe challenges accessyun' heelthcare—us we discusst n' thishere articull detaileeun' one o'MCN’s Fambly Nurse Practityun'r (FNP) studants. Servus ta t'vulnerabull an' underservt hus bee a core component o't' Mennonite College o'Nursin (MCN) misshun since its foundyun' n' 1919. Which is why, yeers ago und'r t'leedership o'ferm'r … Reat t'res

Miriam Toew’s “Wimmen A'talkin” — an' ever articull writte about hern novel — cummences n' Bolivia.“Wimmen A'talkin” opens wiff un auther’s note detaileeun' true evants at occurrt tween 2005 an' 2009 n' t'Boliviun Mennonite communitee knowed us t'Manitoba Colony. Durin at time, serial rapists terrerizt t'colony. Minny a wimmen an' … Reat t'res

N' response ta t'Julee 27 “Buggies n' t'burbs” articull, I invite Richard Szarko an' atterney Virginny Merrisen ta personallee ture wiff me n' Lancast'r Countee ta discov'r at: 1) a signifikunt numb'r o'Mennonites, like t'Amish, have deecided nairy ta trade n' thar herse an' carriage fer t'herseless carriage. Thishere is … Reat t'res

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WARSAW — No new meesles cases have bee repertid since un outbreek wuz announct lus week n' Wyomyun' Countee.“We’re basicallee jes a'followin up wiff sum o't' contacts at we idantifit frum t'originull cases,” sed countee Public Heelth Commissyun'r Dr. Gregery Collins un Tuesdee. “We have nairy see inny … Reat t'res

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ALBANY — T' New York State Department o'Heelth, wurkin closelee wiff t'Wyomyun' Countee Heelth Department, hus confirmt fife cases o'meesles within a local Mennonite communitee, t'state sed thishere afternoon.“T' state an' countee heelth departmants air wurkin ta detarmine wuther thar wuz dishnull exposures an' ta advise folk who … Reat t'res

Sevrul Lancast'r Countee immigrant-run restaurants an' food businesses wuz feeturt n' a New York Times articull un Tuesdee. T' focus o't' articull wuz nairy Lancast'r’s classic Pennsillvany Dutch komfert food, but insteed t'a'rizin numb'r o'restaurants an' food businesses n' t'countee run by immigrants an' refugees. 

Lancast'r ranks un Ferbes lis … Reat t'res

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