Lancast'r Mennonite Historickull Socidey conductid a public aucshun o'rare an' ust books Sept. 13. Sevrul items an' prices includt “Hess Geneelogy: T' Dessendants o'1717 Immigrants Hans & Magdalena Hess,” $205; “T' Weng'r Book” by Samuel Weng'r, $205; “A Branch o't' Zimmermun Offspryun' o'Glause Zimmermun,” $150; a 151-volume set o'“Pennsillvany Mennonite … Reat t'res

Melanie Rowlan' shows items n' t'silent aucshun fer t'“Dollee an' Me Spa Day” set fer 1-4 p.m. Saturdee at Furst Unitid Methodist Church n' Selm'r, Tenn. All proceeds will benefit t'Carl Perkins Cant'r fer t'Prevenshun o'Youngn Abuse.Photo complimants o'Steve BeeversBy Rebecca Lewis
Fer t'Dailee Cerinthiun
Ever communitee hus dedicatid folk … Reat t'res

T' Mennonite Kuntry Aucshun (MCA) will oncet agin be raisyun' money fer relief efferts natyunallee an' roun t'worl conductid through t'Mennonite Cantral Committee.Thishere year marks t'42nd annual sale an' aucshun. It will be helt at t'Menno Mennonite Church un Octob'r 5, 2019. T' event hus a lil sumthin fer everyone. … Reat t'res

McHENRY — T' 25th-annual Kuntry Fest an' Aucshun is set fer Aug. 24 at t'Garrett Countee Fairgrounds n' McHenry frum 8 a.m. ta 4:30 p.m. Admission an' parkyun' air a'loose.Billt us “un event fer t'whole fambly,” t'festivul is tradityunallee helt t'fourth Saturdee n' August.Plannin, a'settin up, a'runnin an' cleenin up … Reat t'res