Plannin fer t'64th Annual Pleesantview Trayler Benefit Sale is n' full swang.Plannin fer a new event hus also bee un t'minds o't' benefit steeryun' committee. Tickets ta “Deck t'Halls: An Evnin o'Dinn'r an' Musick” will be sold at t'lif' aucshun. 
Thishere celebrashun o'Christmus will be un Dec. 12, 6:30 p.m. … Reat t'res

Conestoga Christchun Skool, 2760 Mane St., Mergantown, will host its 46th annual benefit Chicke Barbecue an' Aucshun un Oct. 18 an' 19.Activitees will cummence Oct. 18 wiff chicke barbecue dinners availabull tween 11 a.m. an' 7 p.m. n' t'skool gymnasium. Tables will be set up fer y'all ta ett yar … Reat t'res