Conestoga Valley Skool Districtkunestoga Valley Skool Districk Board o'Directers will meet at Mundie, Sept. 16, at t'administrashun cant'r, 2110 Herseshoe Road. Amungst t'agenda items:- Commantree un districk activitee: (a) board commendatyuns; (b) superintendent’s commints; (c) cerrespondance, secretree; (d) board commints.

– Public/ professyunal/ staff input: (a) public commints; (b) commints … Reat t'res

ELKHART, Ind. — T' Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Semunairy board o'directers announct its appointment o'David W. Boshart us t'semunairy’s nex presdint Sept. 10 at un all-campus meetin. T' Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Semunairy board o'directers hus appointid David W. Boshart us t'semunairy’s nex presdint. His'n biddy, Shana Peechey Boshart, is Mennonite Church … Reat t'res

ELKHART — T' board o'directers o'Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Semunairy (AMBS) announct Tuesdee t'appointment o'David W. Boshart, Ph.D., o'Wellmun, Iowa, us t'nex presdint o't' semunairy, cummencin Jun. 1.Beverlee Lapp, Ed.D., vice presdint an' academic deun, will a'cantinyah ta serve us acktin presdint until at time.Upon t'recommendashun o't' presidenshul seerch committee, t'board … Reat t'res

BLOOMINGTON — T' hed o't' Bloomington Public Librree board doesn’t want t'citee’s reedin an' a'larnin resource ta be ust us a “potenshul savier” fer sum spots n' an' near t'downtown n' net o'development.

Bloomington Public Librree Dierektor Jeenne Hamilton sez expansion n' t'librree’s current locashun at 205 E. Olif' St. … Reat t'res

T' Charles Countee Board o'Appeels lus week appervt a rekwest by leeders o't' Mennonite congregashun n' Hughesville fer a speshul zonyun' excepshun at would alloe it ta hold skool classes n' its new church un Burnt Stere Road.T' board also appervt raisyun' t'cap un t'numb'r o'studants at, if'n excett, would … Reat t'res

T' Iowa Mennonite Skool operatyun' board an' administratif' team will host a rebran'yun' ope trayler un Tuesdee, Julee 30 frum 7-8 p.m. n' Celebrashun Hall. Come ta thishere infermal gatheryun' an' git t'furst look at air skool’s new name, logos an' mascot. Lite refreshmants will be servt, an' thar will … Reat t'res

Ferm'r McLeun Countee Board Chairmun Nancy Froelich, see here wiff Illinois State Univesty Presdint Larry Dietz. Froelich dit Winsdee. She wuz 88. (Illinois State Univesty photo)

By Howard Packowitz
BLOOMINGTON – Ferm'r McLeun Countee Board Chairmun Nancy Froelich hus dit. She wuz 88.
Describt us a “practical unifi'r,” Froelich servt … Reat t'res