GRANTSVILLE — A book signyun' wiff un unusual twist is plannd at t'Goodwill Mennonite Trayler near Grantsville un Saturdee, Sept. 21, frum 3-5 p.m.T' book, “Yod'r Skool,” is a memoir writte by Grantsville natif' Phyllis Mill'r Swartz. T' signyun' is set at Goodwill becawz at is whar Alvina Livengood lives.Nawh … Reat t'res

Thishere is Leslie VonHolte o'Chase Countee, Kansus, wiff anoth'r HPPR Radeeo Reeders Book Byte. Mos o't' books n' thishere seesen’s Radeeo Reeders lis air about youngns a'crossin cultchurs, an' t'rough waters thay must navigate ta do so. Yung youngn Sekwuyah, t'narrater n' Bran'on Hobsen’s Whar t'Daid Sit A'talkin, is hissef … Reat t'res

Simultaneouslee un endersement o'religiyus an' politickull freedum an' un academic reinterpretashun o't' Qurun, t'book seeks ta reclaim t'beeutee, mysticism an' virtues o'Islamic teachin through a concep Khun sed he bleevs, “Mooslims have nairy yet unnerstood — er simplee ignert.”At concep is Ihsun, take frum t'Qurun passage at sez, “Gawd is … Reat t'res

HARRISONBURG, Va. — Garrett Countee natif' Turry Beitzel resantlee publisht a book, “Servus, T' Path Ta Justus,” along wiff co-auther Calvin Redekop.Beitzel sed t'book is a combinashun o'sum o'his'n reseerch frum 10 yeers ago un basic humun responsibilitees an' Redekop’s lifetime o'wurk an' eggsperients.“Redekop, who turns 94 thishere year, is … Reat t'res

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