11.4. 2019

Writte By:
Dennis R. Edwards

Photo providt by t'auther
Thishere articull kums frum t'Novemb'r issue o' T' Mennonite, which focuses un “Journeys wiff church.” Reat mer reflectyuns here er subscribe here ta receif' mer originull feetures n' yer inbox each month.
Church is sumthin I go ta, nairy … Reat t'res

T' seerch fer missyun' 21-year-ol' Tayler Pryer hus bee callt off, accerdyun' ta un update un soshul media frum organizers.T' update postid jes aft'r 11 a.m. un Saturdee, sed at thar wuz no net fer mer volunteers. No futher deetails have bee providt. T' Hep Find Tayler Pryer Facebook page … Reat t'res

Nex ta a beun field at t'interseecshun o'State Routes 6 an' D jes outside o'Maysville, Missouri, sits a place callt t'Ol' Cookstove.It’s a quunt lil spot, Mennonite-ownt-an'-operatid, feeturyun' fresh bakt goods an' a deli wiff han'made san'wiches an' a menu board wiff san'wich choices o'meets, cheeses an' breeds.T' stere sells … Reat t'res

A'followin a care'r us a public skool musick teechur, CINDY BREEZE wuz callt ta t'ministry an' became associate paster at t'same church at hern parnts foundt yeers ago — Furst Mennonite o'Champaign-Urbana.Staff riter Tim Mitchell sat down wiff t'70-year-ol' Champaign natif' an' Cantral High grad ta talk about hern life … Reat t'res

Millie (Miltrt J.) Nolt o'Lampet'r wuz callt ta hern heevenlee trayler ta be wiff hern Lord an' Savier Jesus Christ un t'monin' o'Winsdee, Septemb'r 11, 2019. Mer resantlee she residt at t'Unitid Zion Retirement Communitee n' Lititz, PA. Millie an' hern late husban', Mike plum enjoyt mer thun 70 yeers … Reat t'res

A new nonperfit callt Furnace Hills Retreet hus purchast 164 acres o't' Gurl Scouts camp knowed us Camp Furnace Hills n' nerthern Lancast'r Countee.T' propertee, which includt t'72-year-ol' Scout camp’s dinin hall, swimmin poo an' cabins, sold fer $1.2 million, court recerds shoe.

A separate 62 acres o't' camp, includin … Reat t'res