Courtesy o'Mollee Hensley-Clancy

09/16/2019 05:04 AM EDT

Hoe/whar air y'all celebratin yar birthdee an' wiff who? “I’ve cunvintsed like a duzen folk ta come wiff me ta t'Washington Spirit game at Audi Field un Saturdee ta see Rose Lavelle an' Megun Rapinoe play n' t'Nashshunal Wimmen’s Socc'r … Reat t'res

T' ture o'Warnit Bottom startid wiff onlee t'vaguest o'direckshuns.Wiff t'“unincerporatid communitee” celebratin its bisantennial nex weekend, a stery about its histry wuz alreddy well underway us wuz a stery outlinyun' t'plans fer t'upcomyun' celebrashun. At’s wen t'assignment kum ta me: Go talk ta t'folk who lif' n' Warnit Bottom ta … Reat t'res

Larry an' Melta RicherLarry an' Melta Rich'r, Wauseon, air celebratin thar 50th weddyun' anniversree.Larry A. Rich'r an' Melta K. Nafzig'r wuz marrd un Sept. 13, 1969, at Cantral Mennonite Church…

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Sep 6, 2019 at 3:42 PM

Juanita Gallagh'r Bacon is celebratin hern 90th birthdee Winsdee, Sept. 11 wiff a recepshun at Mennonite Friendship Communitee, 600 West Blanchard Road, South Hutchinsen frum 2-4 p.m. T' come-an'-go recepshun is bein hostid by hern youngns Hannah Fenley, Ruth Gibsen, Robert Bacon an' … Reat t'res

SALEM — Salt Life Church will be celebratin its sekunt anniversree wiff a church picnic an' baptism at Cantennial Park n' Salem. Fellowship will cummence at 4 p.m. fallerd by dinn'r at 5 p.m. Thems bull air ast ta brang a cov'r dish ta share. Baptism will be helt at … Reat t'res