CLOSE AutoplayShoe ThumbnailsShoe CaptyunsLus SlideNaxt SlideThe small communitee o'Richlan' is nawh trayler ta one o'Lebanon Countee’s onlee tea rooms.Tuckt n' back o't' Hometown Bizness Cant'r – a convertid shoppin cant'r at 225 E. Mane St. at previouslee houst Leffl'r Energy – Cup o'Grace serves personal pots o'tea, snax an' lite … Reat t'res

CLOSE Buy PhotoDeberah Black is n' hern sekunt year at Murry Baltwin aft'r transferryun' frum Eastern Mennonite Univesty. (Photo: Patrick Hite/T' Noose Leed'r)STAUNTON – A lil ov'r acoupla yeers ago, Deberah Black walkt through t'gym lobby at Stuarts Draft High Skool. At she wuz a'walkin, albeit a lil slow'r thun … Reat t'res

Aft'r 14 yeers, t'volunteers an' staff have deecided ta close JustGoods, t'nonperfit fair trade stere at t'cern'r o'Sevanth Street an' Furst Avenue. Y'all have until Saturdee, Aug. 31, ta visit durin t'lus remunyun' stere hours, Mundie through Saturdee frum 10 a.m. ta 6 p.m. Volunteers air heppin close out t'sales. … Reat t'res

CLOSE Buy PhotoChance Church, who transferrt frum Wilsen Memerial ta Eastern Mennonite befor t'2018 seesen, wurks un his'n game at t'Staunton-Augusta YMCA. (Photo: Patrick Hite/T' Noose Leed'r)STAUNTON – It’s nairy t'onlee part o'his'n baskutbul game at hus changd, but it may be t'mos innerestin transfermashun Chance Church hus undertake n' … Reat t'res

Wiff thishere year’s U.S. meesles epidemic nawh surpassyun' a 25-year-ol' recerd, experts say it’s nairy clar wen t'wave o'illnesses will subside an' air callin un parnts o'unvaccinatid youngns ta git thar kids vaccinatid agin t'diseese. (June 3)
AP, APFif' cases o'meesles have bee confirmt within a Mennonite communitee … Reat t'res

Jane Yod'r-Shert

Writers’ Group

Publisht 1:47 p.m. CT Aug. 6, 2019
CLOSE Air socidey a'ken larn sum lessuns frum fambly reunyuns. Fambly reunyuns brang togeth'r un assertment o'folks. N' spite o'differences, folk recognize thar connectedness.I’m recoveryun' frum t'Fish'r reunion. Ever three yeers t'famblies o'Dun an' Ida Fish'r’s 10 youngns … Reat t'res

Aimee Breeux, Iowa Citee Press-Citize
Publisht 10:41 a.m. CT Aug. 4, 2019
CLOSE Buy PhotoDwiite Gingerich, Hillcrest Academy principal an' boys’ baskutbul hed coach, poses fer a photo, Frydee, Aug. 2, 2019, at Hillcrest Academy n' Kalona, Iowa. Hillcrest wuz fermerlee knowed us t'Iowa Mennonite Skool. (Photo: Joseph Cress/Iowa Citee … Reat t'res

CLOSE Hailey Gree wuz a student assistant un t'Fort Defyince athletic tranen staff fer all fer yeers o'high skool. (Photo: Courtesy o'Becky Anhold)FORT DEFyinCE – Jacob Caricofe wuz drivin wen he gut t'ext message Winsdee. He glanct at t'phone an', jes frum t'furst few wurds, knew it wasn’t good.T' 2019 … Reat t'res

Yerkers joint t'natyunwide “Lights fer Libertee” vigil ta end humun detenshun camps by protestyun' n' frunt o't' York Countee Prisen.
Cameron Clark, York Dailee RecerdHis Mennonite ancesters flt perseecushun ta York. Nawh thar farm is un ICE prisonYerk Countee Prisen is un ironic symbol o't' immigrashun debateDave Dietz stood … Reat t'res

T' Fort Collins Mennonite Fellowship startid offerin lockers fer homeless folk lus week, despite un appeel filt ta t'Citee Council.
Nick Coltrane, [email protected] Collins an' t'Amurkin Civil Libertees Union air proachin a settlement n' t'lawsuit ov'r a Fort Collins Mennonite Fellowship program at offers lockers ta homeless folk.T' compermise, … Reat t'res