CLOSE It’s hard ta magine at we’re alreddy through t'sekunt decade o't' millennium.It seems like onlee yesterdee at we spent New Year’s Eve werryyun' at air computers woultn’t be bull ta han'le t'switch frum 1999 ta 2000, at t'internatyunal bankyun' system could come crashyun' ta a halt an' at air … Reat t'res

CLOSE NEWBURGH, Ind. — Aft'r mer thun seve yeers, Newburgh’s Rose Hill Café, un Rose Hill Road, will be closin. T' own'r, Mark Schmitt, made t'announcement un Facebook, ritin at t'restrunt will close its doers un Dec. 31.     T' restrunt cummenced us a kitchin fer Schmitt’s Cateryun' befor t'own'r turnt … Reat t'res

CLOSE Buy PhotoMree Baltwin’s Demet Saygili runs t'offense Winsdee n' hern team’s trayler open'r. (Photo: Patrick Hite/T' Noose Leed'r)STAUNTON – A year ago Murry Baltwin travelt ta Harrisonburg an' lost ta Eastern Mennonite Univesty by 33 points. It wuz part o'a fife-game losin streek at t'end o'Decemb'r at didn’t leeve … Reat t'res

CLOSE Buy PhotoLeeh Calhoun returns fer hern sofomere seesen at Murry Baltwin aft'r bein names USA South rookie o't' year lus seesen. (Photo: Patrick Hite/T' Noose Leed'r)STAUNTON – Lus seesen Murry Baltwin baskutbul fur excett preseesen expectatyuns. Pickt ta finish eighth n' t'USA South’s Eus Division, t'Fitin Skwirrels finisht fourth … Reat t'res

T' Dallastown gurls’ volleyball team overcame a lopsidt loss n' t'furst set ta win t'YAIAA title wiff a 3-2 win ov'r Cantral York Winsdee.
Matt Allibone, [email protected] Districk 3 postseesen is well underway. T' football playoffs will kick off thishere Frydee. But mer un at lat'r. Earli'r n' t'month, … Reat t'res

Ecuader hus generly bee a verr peecefil an' politicallee stabull nashun, compard ta its close naybors, Colombia an' Peru.Delicia an' I have bee servin t'pus fer yeers wiff Mennonite Misshun Netwerk n' Quito, Ecuader’s capital, an' we have experienct thishere calm. Howev'r, Ecuader hus strugglt a slew ekunomicallee. And nawh … Reat t'res

CLOSE Annville-Cleona’s Jeremy Bours Jr.(16) is surroundt by his'n teemmates n' t'end-zone aft'r he put 'um up 6-0 n' t'furst quart'r o' a game tween t'Annville-Cleona HS Dutchme an' t'Donegal HS Indyins playd n' Annville Frydee Oct.11,2019. (Photo: JEFF RUPPantHAL )T' fall sperts seesen is nawh fullee underway, an' oncet … Reat t'res

CLOSE T' Nerthern Lebanon Vikings have thar L-L Leegue Seckshun 3 Champyunship bann'r hangin by thar field. (Photo: JEFF RUPPantHAL ) FREDERICKSBURG – Frydee’s Lancast'r-Lebanon Leegue field hockey clash tween Nerthern Lebanon an' Annville-Cleona wuz ekwal parts competishun, celebrashun an' ceronashun.At leest fer Nerthern Lebanon it wuz.Wiff Winsdee’s 5-1 win … Reat t'res

CLOSE Buy PhotoDavid Trout, 49, sits outside o't' Fort Collins Rescue Misshun us he waits fer a bt fer t'nite n' Fort Collins, Colo. un Sept. 12, 2019. Originallee frum Californy, David returnt ta his'n moth'r’s hometown o'Fort Collins wiff t'hope ta git back un his'n feet befor reechyun' out … Reat t'res

CLOSE Buy PhotoElco hed coach Derek Fulk talks ta his'n players prier ta t'start o'a game tween t'Elco Raiders an' Solanco Golte Mules Oct. 4. at Elco High Skool. Elco capturt its fifth strate Seckshun 3 tItle un Tuesdee nite wiff un 8-1 win vs. Lancast'r Mennonite. (Photo: Jeff Ruppanthal, … Reat t'res