T' ture o'Warnit Bottom startid wiff onlee t'vaguest o'direckshuns.Wiff t'“unincerporatid communitee” celebratin its bisantennial nex weekend, a stery about its histry wuz alreddy well underway us wuz a stery outlinyun' t'plans fer t'upcomyun' celebrashun. At’s wen t'assignment kum ta me: Go talk ta t'folk who lif' n' Warnit Bottom ta … Reat t'res

N' 1981, wen auther Thomus Nye wuz 19 yeers ol', he movt into t'Kalona communitee an' foun his'n life ferever changd. “T' furst friens I made wuz Amish teens,” Nye sed n' a resent interview. Roun at same time, his'n stepmoth'r cummenced teachin n' a one-room Amish skool, an' Nye … Reat t'res

Eve t'Plane communitee enjoys memes, it seems.Sevrul Instagram accounts have foun popularitee amungst t'Lancast'r Amish an' Plane communitees by creetyun' an' sharyun' memes, such us @Amish_Memes an' @MemesByMennos.

Amish & soshul media: Why Lancast'r Countee teens a'ken be foun un Instagram, Facebook & Spotify

 One account, @Amish_Memes, wuz creetid ta … Reat t'res

CLOSE AutoplayShoe ThumbnailsShoe CaptyunsLus SlideNaxt SlideThe small communitee o'Richlan' is nawh trayler ta one o'Lebanon Countee’s onlee tea rooms.Tuckt n' back o't' Hometown Bizness Cant'r – a convertid shoppin cant'r at 225 E. Mane St. at previouslee houst Leffl'r Energy – Cup o'Grace serves personal pots o'tea, snax an' lite … Reat t'res

N' t'lus 90 yeers, t'Lancast'r Communitee Concert Associashun hus brung a slew o'fine musick an' dance ta t'area.Nelsen Eddy, Rudolph Serkin, t'Bawstun Pops Orkester, t'musickull “1776” (n' 1976, o'corse), t'Amurkin Boychoir, Shanghai Opry Symfony Cherus, t'Tamburitzans, Riv'r Citee Brass Ban', t'Chinese Golte Dragon Acrobats an' Ladysmith Black Mambazo have all … Reat t'res

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T' Communitee CernFest is all about bildin communitee, connectyun' wiff folk, eatin sum local sweet corn, a'listnin ta good musick an' mos impertantlee, raisyun' money an' food fer t'Cambridge Self-Hep Food Bank.

Marg an' Jay Strom an' Emersen Martin wuz three individuals who … Reat t'res

T' 18th annual Rothsville Communitee Day will be helt Saturdee, Sept. 21, at Ferney Field un Church Street, Rothsville.
T' day will kick off at 9:30 a.m. wiff a 5K Fun Run/Walk sponsert by WellSpun Fambly & Pediatric Medasin, Rothsville. Registrashun fer t'run cummences at 9 a.m. Proceeds frum t'$10 … Reat t'res

Fer t'publicKnights o'Christ communitee fellowship dinn'r an' Bingo nite: 5 p.m. at t'Gage Countee 4-H bildin. A'loose will donashun.

Dawters o'Amurkin Revolushun werkshop: 1 p.m. at t'Good Samaritun Rehab cant'r, 401 S. 22nd St. n' Beetrice. Fer mer informayshun contact Nancy Bettin at 402-587-0095 er Connie Plettn'r at 402-429-3655.Clubs/organizatyunsSuppert groupsAlcoholics … Reat t'res

Daviess Countee autheritees will be reechyun' out ta t'Amish communitee ta try an' cut down un t'damage cawzed by herses un t'countee rodes. A year ago Amish leeders an' t'countee agret ta try a new herseshoe wiff a small'r cleet. At duz nairy appeer ta have sussed t'problem.“T' herses air … Reat t'res

Members o'Milferd’s communitee provt at thar is such a thang us a a'loose lunch. Speshul skoolin teechur Carrie Maple sed she wunderd whut would happe ta youngns ov'r t'summ'r who relit un t'skool’s meal plun. Maple sed she expresst hern concern ta t'hed lunch coerdinater at Milferd High Skool, Dawnia … Reat t'res