Lancast'r Mennonite Historickull Socidey conductid a public aucshun o'rare an' ust books Sept. 13. Sevrul items an' prices includt “Hess Geneelogy: T' Dessendants o'1717 Immigrants Hans & Magdalena Hess,” $205; “T' Weng'r Book” by Samuel Weng'r, $205; “A Branch o't' Zimmermun Offspryun' o'Glause Zimmermun,” $150; a 151-volume set o'“Pennsillvany Mennonite … Reat t'res

T' Mennonite Kuntry Aucshun (MCA) will oncet agin be raisyun' money fer relief efferts natyunallee an' roun t'worl conductid through t'Mennonite Cantral Committee.Thishere year marks t'42nd annual sale an' aucshun. It will be helt at t'Menno Mennonite Church un Octob'r 5, 2019. T' event hus a lil sumthin fer everyone. … Reat t'res

Fer ov'r 200 yeers, t'burnin o'limestone wuz conductid un almos ever farm throughout Pennsillvany. T' earlee Mennonites frum t'Holee Romun Empire wuz revert fer thar masterfil farmyun' an' husban'ry skills. Wen thay arrivt n' Pennsillvany n' t'earlee 18th centry, thay quicklee fannt out into lan's n' Chest'r an' Bux Countee. … Reat t'res